Animal rights group slam man after failed attempt to be swallowed alive by anaconda (+video)

An animal rights group has slammed the airing of a Discovery Channel show in which a man attempted to be eaten alive by a giant Amazonian anaconda.

Naturalist Paul Rosolie had to call time on the experiment after an hour of being constricted by the giant snake. Source: 1 NEWS

Naturalist Paul Rosolie tried but failed to be completely eaten by the anaconda after his team called off the stunt fearing he would get seriously injured after the snake coiled around him.

The Discovery Channel special, Eaten Alive, aired yesterday in the US and has drawn criticism from animal rights groups and mockery from social media users.

Following the airing of the attempt, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released a statement calling the show a "publicity stunt".

"Last night...the Discovery Channel aired the inexcusable torment of a captured wild green anaconda.

"Paul Rosolie and his crew put this snake through undeniable stress and robbed her of essential bodily resources."

Many viewers took to Twitter after the show poking fun at the failed attempt.

No seriously I'm going to have to call this before someone loses a fingernail!! #EatenAlive

— Brian Barczyk (@SnakeBytesTV) December 8, 2014

Hey @discovery, can I have my own show? #EatenAlive

— BarstoolTrent (@BarstoolTrent) December 8, 2014

@PaulRosolie next time you are on a show called #EatenAlive you should actually get eaten. #letdown #wasteof2hours

— Carol Ann Gibbs (@carolmccaig) December 8, 2014

Before the attempt, the 27-year-old defended his actions saying the stunt was about drawing the public's attention to the rapid destruction of the Amazon.

"What I'm trying to do with this is bring in a bunch of people that wouldn't necessarily know what's going on in the Amazon," he said in an interview with the New York Post.