Amazon's solution for employees who no longer want to work there – pay them to quit

Online retail giant Amazon is paying its employees who no longer want to work there.

The company will give employees up to $US5000 (NZ$7223) if they choose to leave the company, and never return. 

More than 100 thousand employees get the offer each year, but only a few people take it up. 

The payout, named "Pay to Quit", is said to be about weeding out employees who are not committed to the job. 

Chief executive and founder Jeff Bezos does not want anyone to take him up on the offer, but as the richest man in the world, he can afford to part with the sum of money.

The idea comes as more and more companies look to use different approaches to motivate their employees. 

The online retail giant will give employees $7000 should they choose to walk away. Source: 1 NEWS

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