'It was amazing' – Everest's Hillary Step appears to have collapsed

Named after Sir Edmund Hillary, a new photo of the Hillary Step shows a change in the terrain. Source: 1 NEWS

Prince Harry's romantic dash from wedding to collect girlfriend Meghan Markle for reception

Prince Harry skipped part of Pippa Middleton's wedding to rush back to London to collect his actor girlfriend Meghan Markle and escort her to the reception.

Reports out of the UK say the Prince left the wedding in Bucklebury, 80km west of London, and drove back to Kensington Palace, where Markle was waiting to avoid stealing the limelight from Pippa on her big day as she married financier James Matthews. 

The couple then returned in an Audi and made a low-key entrance to the reception, in time to catch a fly-past by a World War II-era Spitfire plane, The Sun reported.

"Harry is extremely fond of his sister-in-law. They had a wonderful time at Kate and William’s wedding," a source told The Sun.

"He knew this was all about Pippa's big day and he and Meghan jointly decided they didn't want to upstage her."

Harry, 32, has been dating Markle since last year. 

He confirmed the relationship in November when he complained about intrusive press coverage.

The 35-year-old American Markle plays ambitious paralegal Rachel Zane in the hit US television drama Suits.


Graphic warning: Watch the shocking moment school worker drags student down hall in choke hold

CCTV footage has emerged over the weekend of a shocking encounter between a high school behavioural specialist and a student at Rankin Promise alternative school, in the US state of Pennsylvania.

50-year-old Joseph Golden III was charged with assault and endangering the life of an unnamed 13-year-old student, according to reports from The Post-Gazette.

The footage from April 12 shows Mr Golden approaching the teenage student in a hallway before grabbing him violently around the neck, then lifting him off the floor several times as he drags the teenager down the empty hallway.

Mr Golden's lawyer has since said during a court hearing that the choke hold used was an "approved restraint method".

Adding "I don’t think my client did anything wrong".

The lawyer also stated that the student had been verbally abusive towards Mr Golden in the lead up to the incident.

However the superintendent of the school Alan Johnson has rebutted one of the lawyer’s claims when he said the choke hold "was not an approved restraint that I'm aware of".

The court proceedings are ongoing.