Alligator that once lived on the streets of Berlin and was wrongly rumoured to belong to Hitler dies

After surviving bombings in World War Two, roaming the streets of Berlin for years and even being accused of belonging to Adolf Hitler, the hardy alligator called Saturn has died. 

The Moscow Zoo, where the animal had resided for most of his life, announced the news on Twitter. 

"Yesterday morning, our Mississippi alligator Saturn died of old age. He was 84-years-old an extremely respectable age... He saw many of us as children and we hope we did not disappoint him." 

Saturn was born in the US in the 1930's before being gifted to the Berlin Zoological Garden.

It was there that the rumoured association with the Nazi leader allegedly began as he would frequent the zoo, with a particular interest in the alligators. 

According to the BBC, Moscow Zoo has dismissed such reports citing that animals "do not belong to politics and mustn't be held responsible for human sins." 

After the Berlin zoo was bombed in 1943 Saturn managed to escape, living on the streets for the next few years before he was found by British soldiers and gifted to Russia.