Alec Baldwin dons Trump campaign hat - written in Russian

Alec Baldwin has continued his satirical portrayal of Donald Trump, by poking fun at the President-elect on social media. 

The American actor's Mr Trump spoof originally started with Baldwin playing Mr Trump on several Saturday Night Live segments.

Now, Baldwin has posted a photo to his Instagram account wearing a red cap with Mr Trump's 2016 campaign slogan "Make America Great Again," written in the Russian alphabet.

Baldwin nailed the voice, nailed the look and nailed Trump's incessant bragging. Source: Breakfast

Russia has recently been found to be behind the hacking intended to target the 2016 US Presidential campaign, said a US intelligence report. 

Mr Trump has previously denied Russia's involvement and downplayed Russia's role even after a briefing with top US intelligence officials. 

Baldwin has been vocal about not supporting the President-elect, often sharing his thoughts across various social media platforms.

Mr Trump responded to Baldwin's mocking in October saying that his "portrayal stinks". 

Alec Baldwin pokes fun at President-elect Donald Trump by wearing a cap with "Make America Great Again" written in Russian.
Alec Baldwin pokes fun at President-elect Donald Trump by wearing a cap with "Make America Great Again" written in Russian. Source: Instagram: Alec Baldwin

Video: Britain's first pregnant man 'forced to have kid' despite 'feeling like a bloke inside'

A man is set to become the first man in Britain to give birth to a baby.

Hayden Cross was born a girl 20 years ago but has begun the journey to become a male through hormone treatment.

Mr Cross has put his transition on hold so he can give birth after finding a sperm donor through Facebook.

"I want the baby to have the best," Mr Cross told Britain's The Sun newspaper.

"I'll be the greatest dad."

Mr Cross had wanted to freeze his eggs so he could have a child after he had fully transitioned to a man, but the National Health Service (NHS) decided not to carry out the $7,000 procedure, leaving him uncomfortable carrying a child.

"It's like I have given myself one thing, but taken away something else from myself in the meantime," he said.

"It is a very female thing to carry a baby and it goes against everything I feel in my body."

Mr Cross is on an NHS gender transition programme which has an average cost of $51,000.


Watch: Shocking footage of security guard pinning man down by his throat at Brisbane festival

Shocking footage has emerged of a security guard allegedly choking a party-goer at a sold-out Brisbane music festival over the weekend.

The video recorded at the FOMO festival on Saturday and posted to Facebook shows a man on the ground with two security guards standing over him, one appears to be holding him down by his neck.

Another festival-goer can be seen trying to intervene, but is pushed back.

The victim reportedly let off a flare before the incident occurred, Nine News reports.

Festival organisers said in a statement on Facebook that they are working with the external security company Asset Protection Systems and police to investigate the matter.

"FOMO Festival do not condone the use of excessive force or violence at any of our events."

No formal complaint has been made, police told Nine News.