Alec Baldwin dons Trump campaign hat - written in Russian

Alec Baldwin has continued his satirical portrayal of Donald Trump, by poking fun at the President-elect on social media. 

Alec Baldwin pokes fun at President-elect Donald Trump by wearing a cap with "Make America Great Again" written in Russian. Source: Instagram: Alec Baldwin

The American actor's Mr Trump spoof originally started with Baldwin playing Mr Trump on several Saturday Night Live segments.

Now, Baldwin has posted a photo to his Instagram account wearing a red cap with Mr Trump's 2016 campaign slogan "Make America Great Again," written in the Russian alphabet.

Baldwin nailed the voice, nailed the look and nailed Trump's incessant bragging. Source: Breakfast

Russia has recently been found to be behind the hacking intended to target the 2016 US Presidential campaign, said a US intelligence report. 

Mr Trump has previously denied Russia's involvement and downplayed Russia's role even after a briefing with top US intelligence officials. 

Baldwin has been vocal about not supporting the President-elect, often sharing his thoughts across various social media platforms.

Mr Trump responded to Baldwin's mocking in October saying that his "portrayal stinks".