Aerial footage captures devastating oil spill lapping at beach in Persian Gulf



Associated Press

Kuwait says an oil spill has struck its waters in the Persian Gulf.

Kuwait is battling to contain an oil spill off the southern coast.
Source: Associated Press

Kuwait's state-run KUNA news agency reported late Saturday (local time) that emergency responders were working towards containing the spill near Kuwait's southern Ras al-Zour.

It said officials want to protect waterways, power plants and water facilities first, then clean surrounding beaches.

Authorities said that they don't believe the spill came from any of Kuwait's offshore oil fields.

Instead, they said they suspect the oil came from a tanker in the Gulf.

There's no immediate estimate of the number of barrels suspected to be spilled in the water.

Tiny Kuwait, an OPEC member nation, has the world's six-largest estimated oil reserves.

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