'Absolutely disgraceful' - Piers Morgan slams Aussie politician over climate change inaction amid deadly bushfires

An Australian politician has been slammed by Piers Morgan on UK television for his and other senior politicians' climate change inaction, amid Australia's deadly bushfires. 

The Good Morning Britain host called Liberal MP Craig Kelly out over his promotion of fossil fuel usage at a recent event.

Mr Kelly admitted to telling audience members they should "burn as much oil and gas over the summer" and "fly from one end of the country to another".

When the host questioned why he would say such a thing, considering the devastating bushfire events in Australia, Mr Kelly told him "fossil fuels are one of the things that our (Australia's) lifestyle depends upon".

Morgan then slammed the politician, telling him to "wake up". 

"Climate change and global warming are real and Australia right now is showing the entire world just how devastating it is," the host said. 

"For senior politicians in Australia to still pretend there is no connection is absolutely disgraceful."