Wearable social media: The ultimate ice-breaker

If you think you're bad at first impressions and making small talk, you may soon be able to find out everything you need to know about a person simply by reading their t-shirt.

That's the idea behind a new project by students at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create wearable social media.

The concept is simple: integrated technology on the front of your t-shirt links to information on your smartphone by Bluetooth and buzzes when someone walks in the room who has a shared interest with you.

The technology works from more than three-metres away, according to CNN.

Information that can be shared includes hobbies, friends, work colleagues and even whether you are compatible organ donors.

Viirj Kan, one of the students behind the project, told CNN that they wanted to fill a gap they think is missing from current social media platforms.

"Current technologies are very good at connecting people over great distances but they're not so good at connecting them in the same environment," says Ms Kan.

"While what you wear is very public, social media is able to show who you are to thousands more people and this creates really big social consequences but it often doesn't feel that way."

However, how well it will operate in the real world remains unclear as the t-shirt is yet to be tested on people.

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