'Fear us, expect us': Hacker group Anonymous declares war on jihad

Hacker group Anonymous have posted a video declaring war on jihad websites to avenge the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The group made the announcement via YouTube, saying it was a message for "al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists".

The hacktivists also posted a blog Pastebin declaring it is their "duty to react" to the deaths of those killed on Thursday. 

They say they will hunt down and close all social media accounts linked to any terrorist groups to avenge those killed.

The video shows a man dressed in the infamous Guy Fawkes mask worn by Anonymous saying the group will fight in memory of those who fought for freedom of expression.

"Against us you can do nothing. We are not physical, we are an idea, a cause, the voice of a free people," the video warns jihadists.

"We are Anonymous, we do not forgive, we will not forget, fear us, expect us murderer."

Anonymous is known for its high profile attacks on government, religious, and corporate websites.

Hacker group anonymous declares cyber-war on Jihadists after the Charlie Hebdo attack. Source: 1 NEWS


'Armed and dangerous': Police hunt woman involved in terror attack

Police are on the hunt for a woman believed to be involved in the shooting of a French policewoman and the hostage situation at a supermarket in Paris.

Hayet Boumeddiene, 26, is said to be "armed and dangerous" after she fled the scene of a kosher supermarket in Vicennes, Paris where at least five people were killed today.

Boumeddiene reportedly held up to 15 people hostage with her boyfriend Amedy Coulibaly, 32, overnight following the shooting death of a French policewoman in Paris on Friday, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

Coulibaly was shot dead by police after they stormed the supermarket.

Boumeddiene is said to have escaped capture while hostages were being freed from the supermarket, CNN reports.

The couple are allegedly linked with the Kouachi brothers who were responsible for the Charles Hebdo massacre which saw 12 staff members and a police officer shot dead.

Separate hostage sieges have unfolded in Paris as armed troops zeroed in on the brothers accused of killing 12 people. Source: 1 NEWS



Radical Islamic cleric sentenced after Kiwi helped conviction

Radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza, who a New Zealander helped convict on terrorism charges, has been sentenced in New York to life in prison.

Hamza was charged with conspiring to support terrorists by supplying a satellite phone to Yemen hostage takers and by trying to set up a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon. He was found guilty in federal court in Manhattan in May last year.

New Zealand-born scientist Mary Quin was among the 16 tourists taken during a 1998 terrorist attack on tourists in Yemen, in which four died.

Ms Quin gave evidence at the trial in New York, telling the court how she escaped from her kidnapper by putting her foot against his head and wrestling away his assault rifle after he was knocked to the ground by a bullet.

"We were in this huge war of screaming over an AK-47. I was screaming at him and he was screaming at me. I put my foot down on his head and that gave me the leverage to get the gun out of his hands," she told the court.

Ms Quin had also taped a conversation she had with Hamza, which helped convict him years later.

Following the trial last year, the jury foreperson Howard Bailynson told ONE News Ms Quin's testimony stood out the most to him during the trial.

"I think her testimony was very moving. Very emotional," he said. "I think her tape of her interview with Abu Hamza spoke in my mind significantly."

Mr Bailynson also lauded Ms Quin's courage throughout her ordeal saying: "She's a brave woman having been through what she's been through. I can't even fathom or put into words how I'd be having gone through an experience like that."

Abu Hamza was convicted of helping terrorists take hostages in Yemen, including a New Zealander. Source: 1 NEWS