UK’s ‘Naked Rambler’ released after decade in prison

Steven Gough’s determination to go clothing free could land him more jail time.


Atlas V rocket’s unique trail mistaken for meteor, UFO

The rocket carrying the MUOS-4 mission caused a stir in Florida.


Kids these days! Brothers flummoxed by cassette-player

A couple of tech-savvy brothers struggled to work out how to use a walkman.


Caught on dashcam - mechanic takes car on reckless joyride

The garage employee had his son with him in the high performance car.


'My kids were the most beautiful children in the world' - distraught father speaks

Abdullah Kurdi's wife and sons drowned off the Turkish coast.


US clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples

Kim Davis claims she should not have to marry gay people because of her religious beliefs.

French investigators confirm wing part is from MH370

Investigators used maintenance records to match a serial number found on the wing part.


Hungary opens door to trains for migrants, but only to camps

Police had hoped to entice many of the 3000 migrants camping outside Keleti to leave.


Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to marry gay couples

Davis has refused to issue marriages licences for two months since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.


Relative tried to sponsor young boy who drowned off Turkey

The woman's request to help her nephews was turned down by immigration officials.

Media ejected as migrant crisis reaches stalemate in Budapest

Migrants are locked in a tense stand off as the crisis in Europe continues


Desperate migrants fight to cram onto train going nowhere

The doors to one train at Budapest's Keleti Railway Station were opened tonight, and refugees flooded in. But the train wasn't going anywhere.

Migrants burst through Budapest train gates after being blocked from travelling

Thousands have flooded into a railway station following a tense standoff with police.


First look at sheep under 40kg 'blanket' of wool that took Shrek's world record

Rescuers say its the heaviest fleece to be shorn at one time and estimate he had five years of wool on him.


50kg female MMA fighter manhandles Brazilian street robber with 'triangle choke'

Straw-weight fighter Monique Bastos and her two friends were approached by a pair of robbers while walking to jiu-jitsu.


Harrowing image of drowned toddler puts spotlight on the refugee crisis

The image is bringing worldwide attention to the deepening migrant crisis.


Tourists get up close and personal with huge humpback

A group of a lucky people found themselves just metres from a humpback whale as it surfaced.


The world's youngest bookworm, the baby who cries whenever a book is closed

These parents can never stop reading because if they do, baby cries.


Idiot motorcyclist hits the tarmac after wheelie fail

The rider, who was not wearing protective gear, slid over concrete after his attempt at a stunt went horribly wrong.

Fox News presenter sues toymaker over hamster

Harris Faulkner says the toy wrongfully appropriates her name and persona, harms her professional credibility.

Texas man dies after gun selfie goes horribly wrong

Investigators say the man had found a gun and was taking pictures of himself and a cousin holding the weapon.


That hurt! Attempt to do splits live on TV cookery show goes horribly wrong

A presenter on an Italian TV show thought showing off her other skills was a good idea. It didn’t end well.

Has Australia found Shrek the sheep's cousin?

The woolly animal was found near Canberra yesterday, sporting an impressive level of growth.


Barbed wire and thirsty, exhausted migrants in Europe's refugee crisis

Jessica Mutch is at the border between Hungary and Serbia.


'They are thieves' - desperate migrants' train tickets from Hungary useless

The migrant crisis in Europe is deepening and getting more desperate by the day.


US police shoot man holding his hands in the air dead in driveway

Gillian Flores died shortly after the shooting in Bexar County with the entire incident caught on camera.


Hungry leopard’s prickly reception from porcupine

A safari tour group captured the footage in south Africa’s Kruger National park.


Hulk Hogan shatters tough guy image, begs for forgiveness in emotional interview

The former wrestler opened up about the racist comment that got him wiped from the WWE Hall of Fame.


Camera-shy elephant charges at safari tourists

A British tourist captured the footage while on safari in South Africa.

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