Lydia Bradey, who has just returned from scaling Everest for the sixth, says tour companies are taking too many risks following 10 deaths on the mountain in the last two months.
Single-use plastic bags banned in Nepal’s Everest region in effort to reduce climbers' waste
The US President says China has ripped $500 billion dollars out of the US.
'I am the chosen one' - Trump says he's the person to 'take on China' in trade war
A team has dived down to the world’s most famous wreck for the first time in 15 years.
First Titanic expedition dive in 15 years reveals wreck being eaten by bacteria
Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left
US Police Generic
Topless doll mistaken for unconscious woman in US
German city offers $1.7m to whoever proves it doesn't exist
Boy, eight, goes on 140km/h joyride with mum's car in Germany
There have been 70,000 fires in Brazil this year, a more than 80 per cent increase over last year.
As record number of wildfires hit Amazon, Brazil president hints at arson by political opponents
The new Trump administration regulation replaces a long-standing agreement limiting how long children can be held in custody.
Trump moves to end policy releasing immigrant children from detention as quickly as possible
Angela Merkel is meeting with British PM and staunch Brexit advocate Boris Johnson.
'Why not?' - Key Brexit sticking point could be resolved within 30 days, German chancellor says
Danish PM Mette Frederiksen described the idea as “absurd”.
Trump lashes out at 'nasty' Denmark leader, cancels trip after Greenland rejection
Pigs eat feed at a pig farm in Panggezhuang village in northern China's Hebei province.
Urgency for vaccine grows as virus ravages China's pigs
'Plausible' theory remains after Kiwi-led scientists test Loch Ness for monster DNA
French President Emmanuel Macron talks to the media
France’s Macron seeks to be a mediator in G-7 hard times
Experts divided on dieting app aimed at obese children's weight, food choices
1 NEWS Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver has a round-up of news from the region.
Pacific Update: Australia takes aim at smaller neighbours, cocaine smuggling yacht up for sale
Pell was convicted in Australia in December for the rape of a choirboy.
Cardinal George Pell sexual abuse victim says faith 'still part of my life' as appeal dismissed
The UK couple were forced apart by illness, but have reunited with the help of a local charity.
Forced apart by illness, dying UK man's wish to see his wife of almost 60 years for last time comes true
But with increasing concerns about climate change, there are questions over the project’s environmental impact.
Commercial space flights to be available by the end of 2020, Virgin Galactic's new boss says
"Baby Koala 'up a gum tree'.
Poo transplants could save koalas from starvation - research
Any Jewish-American voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal, Trump says
Pell was convicted in Australia in December for the rape of a choirboy.
Cardinal George Pell loses appeal over choirboy rape conviction, to remain in prison
World's largest wildlife crossing to be built over 10-lane California motorway
The mummy, nicknamed ‘Princess’, was donated to a US university museum 129 years ago.
US university returns 'Princess', 500-year-old mummy of Incan girl, to Bolivia
Giuseppe Conte slammed his deputy prime minister as “irresponsible”.
Italian premier announces resignation, blaming deputy for political crisis
'Storm Area 51' internet drive prompts emergency crowd planning near secretive US military base
Two adult German shepherds, believed to be the parents, were found nearby and have been reunited with their pups.
Litter of puppies rescued after being found buried alive in Spain
It comes as the social media company faces scrutiny over the privacy of its users.
Under scrutiny for privacy, Facebook rolls out tool to block off-app data gathering
Father 'empty' after daughter, nine, mauled to death by neighbour's pit bulls in US
The wealthy American was accused of trafficking underaged girls for sex.
Three women sue Jeffrey Epstein estate citing rape, other sex acts