Not even a grenade to the face can keep this reporter from her job

A Lebanese journalist went straight back on air hours after being hit by a stun grenade.


Pastor braves dangerous flood waters to rescue floating coffin

A pastor is captured going the extra mile to rescue a coffin unearthed by deadly US floodwaters.


Elderly man missing as bushfires threaten rural Victoria towns

Victoria Police say the missing Benloch man, in his 80s, has been "disconnected from his family".


Five arrested in Sydney raids related to terror-linked cop shooting

The raids come after a teenage boy was on Tuesday charged with assaulting and intimidating police.


Eleven crew rescued after cargo ship collides with gas tanker

The accident happened close to the busy waterway off the port of Zeebrugge off the Belgian coast.

Fourteen elephants poisoned by cyanide in Zimbabwe

In Kariba, poachers laced oranges with cyanide while in Hwange the poison was put on salt licks.


Busking cop proves a beating success on Birmingham footpath

Birmingham cop Jim Perks became an internet sensation for his drumming skills.


Australia faces worst fire season since Black Saturday as record temperatures ignite early bush blazes

Temperatures are approaching 40 degrees, with predictions of the worst fire season since 2009 when 173 people died.


Horrifying 911 call after baby girl killed in driveby shooting

A five-month-old baby girl has been shot dead in Cleveland, Ohio.


Russian TV forecaster: Conditions perfect - for bombing Syria

A Russian weather report says conditions are ideal for flying fighter jets on deadly bombing runs.


Teen gunman's classmate arrested on way to school over Friday's fatal shooting in Sydney

Police allege the teenager 'threatened and intimidated' officers during arrest.


The horror moment millionaire's juiced-up Porsche hurtles out-of-control into crowd

Mobile footage captures the Porsche, competing in a Maltese charity road show, skidding out of control then careening into the crowd, injuring many.


Student from same school as Sydney cop shooter arrested

The Arthur Phillip High School student was handcuffed and had his belongings emptied on the footpath.


'Nosey Smurf was a hacking codename' - Edward Snowden spills the beans on spies' tricks

Edward Snowden didn't hold back in his first interview with the BBC.


'Coward' filmed viciously attacking homeless men in Perth revealed to be Kiwi

Video shows "Dez" Laalaai punching a man five times in the head before he falls to the ground.


Mum posts inspiring footage of baby with half a head

The one-year-old American baby who was only given days to live at birth has greeted his supporters via video.

'Captain is incapacitated' - pilot dies on American Airlines flight

Flight 550 was diverted to Syracuse, New York after the medical emergency.


Decision delayed on Oscar Pistorius' early release from prison

The case has been sent back to the parole board.

Controversial Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer eyeing Aussie PM's job

"I would love to make my way up to the very top spot."


Flood toll rises to 19 on French Riviera

Volunteers and firefighters have begun the gruelling task of cleaning up French Riviera towns strewn with mud and debris.


Bulldog 1, bears 0: Proof size doesn’t matter

French bulldog Jules managed to scare away two bears who got into her territory in LA.


'No! No! No!' Refugees shun water and food at Hungary train station

It's reported Muslim refugees shunned water and food because the Red Cross is unacceptable to them.


Pope insists marriage is forever at start of divisive family meeting

On the eve of the synod, a Vatican monsignor outed himself as gay and was summarily fired.


19 ingredients! You'll love it, when you find out the McDonald's french fry secret

Mythbusters television crews reveal what really lies in a Maccas chip.


Assad finally speaks, says Russia's air campaign in Syria must succeed

"It must succeed or we are facing the destruction of a whole region."


Hillary Clinton whips/nae naes her way through the campaign trail

The Democratic Presidential candidate has been hamming it up on Saturday Night Live and Ellen to gain more voters.

Container spotted in search for missing cargo ship carrying 33 onboard

An intensive search has resumed for a US cargo ship battered in fierce seas churned up by Hurricane Joaquin.


Video emerges of Sydney shooter moments before his death

Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammed shot and killed a NSW police employee on Friday.


US airstrike on Afghan hospital sparks international outcry

Nineteen people were killed in Kunduz including 12 Doctors Without Borders staff

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