Australian journalist 'sick to stomach' by sentence

Peter Greste has called on the Egyptian President to pardon his innocent Al Jazeera colleagues, who are back behind bars.


Agile bystander saves child's life with a mop

A young girl in China was saved by the actions of a quick-thinking man and a trusty old mop.

Thousands of dead fish near Olympics venue in Rio

The shore of Brazil's Jacarepagua Lagoon was inundated with at least a tonne of dead fish.

Limited edition Kanye West shoes offered for new kidney

Would you go as far as giving up a kidney for some highly-coveted designer shoes? American man Matt Neal hopes so.

Thousands rally against Malaysia's prime minister

Embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak is accused of receiving about US$700 million in underhand donations.

Bangkok bombing: foreign suspect arrested and named

The man was found in possession of explosives and multiple passports and is believed to have been present when the bomb was planted.

Egypt sentences Al Jazeera staff to 3 years in prison

Governments, human rights groups and media organisations world-wide are condemning the ruling.


TV shooting survivor gives harrowing details

Vicki Gardner was shot at multiple times and hit once in the back.


Stunt plane pilot dies during rehearsals

The pilot of a stunt plane has been killed during rehearsals for an airshow in the US.


Shocking Sydney train brawl caught on camera

The fight broke out between at least three females before spilling out onto the platform.


Europe's migrant crisis brings new death by land and sea

Scores of people suffocated in a truck, while an estimated 200 are feared drowned off Libya.


Is this the cheapest Superman movie ever made?

“So, I duct taped a Superman figure to my Phantom and flew it over Victoria Park."

'Fancy Feast' cat food made with slave-caught fish?

Nestle has come under fire for manufacturing their cat food product with fish from a supplier known to use slave labour.


Tropical Storm Erika has killed at least 20, PM says

The storm which has battered the Dominican Republic set the country back 20 years, its PM says.

Young children allegedly set on fire by man at home

Three children have suffered burns after a flammable liquid was allegedly poured over them in Perth.


You thought you could air guitar? Meet the world champs

A group of competitors bring their talent out of the bedroom and onto the stage.


Monk sunbathing on wind turbine 'annoyed' by drone disturbance

The man filmed atop a wind turbine sunbathing by a drone was a monk looking for solitude - and the drone ruined it.


Live TV shooting survivor describes traumatic ordeal

Vicki Gardner has woken from her medically induced coma and spoken of her miraculous survival.

Ashley Madison CEO steps down after hacking scandal

'The king of infidelity,' made millions off the philosophy that cheating is a natural part of married life.


Death toll rises to 71 in Austrian migrant tragedy, three arrested

Austrian police say three people have been arrested in connection with the deaths, which were likely to have been caused by suffocation.

Fatal shooting at US university campus

The shooting comes less than 48 hours after a television news journalist and a cameraman were shot dead.

Melbourne man allegedly running over cop caught on CCTV

Desperately trying to get out to the carpark the driver runs over a police officer.


Ten years on from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans remains devastated

A decade after Katrina devastated the jazz town, President Barack Obama visited the worst affected areas.

TV gunman notorious for terrifying colleagues with 'Hulk-like anger'

Former colleagues of on-air shooter Vester Lee Flanagan say he had a Hulk-like anger.

Kiwi dad's tattoo for deaf daughter inspires British dad to follow suit

Gareth Hickenbottom-Marriot had an implant tattooed behind his ear in a show of solidarity with his daughter Briar.

Spectacular video of basking orcas filmed by drone that got too close

The orcas were filmed swimming on a clear day off Vancouver Island.


This guy really, really, really doesn’t want his car towed

The incident took place in Orlando, Florida, where a man was trying to drive his car which was connected to a tow truck.


Prince says sorry for deporting Jews to Nazi death camps

Monaco’s Prince Albert has apologised on behalf of his country 73 years later.


Drone discovers man sunbathing on 60m wind turbine

A drone pilot may have uncovered the world's most private sunbathing spot after he came across a man napping on top of a 60m wind turbine.

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