AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young

Founding member of AC/DC has passed away

Malcolm Young, the band's guiding force, was just 64 years old.

The footage shows panicked people jumping off wooden boats into the water.

Spain saves 500 migrants crossing Mediterranean

The country stepped in to help two separate groups attempting to cross the unforgiving sea.

Members of his own party are turning against him and the call is echoed by military veterans.

Thousands of joyful Zimbabweans rally to demand Mugabe resigns

Mugabe is said to be asking for more time amid negotiations with regional leaders.

Mali was awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross after going through direct fire to search for explosives.

Top award for hero dog who helped save soldiers' lives in Afghanistan

Mali was awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross after going through direct fire to search for explosives.

A number of casualties were reported from the crash in dense woodland northwest of London.

Four killed in mid-air collision between light aircraft and helicopter

The aircraft crashed in dense woodland northwest of London.

The Trump administration said today that it will allow the importation of elephants shot for sport in Zimbabwe and Zambia back into the United States.

Donald Trump delays allowing body parts of African elephants to be imported

The US president says he's put the decision on hold until he can review "all conservation facts".

The sub with more than 40 people on board hasn't been heard from in two days.

Major search for Argentine submarine carrying 44 crew not heard from for two days

The Navy says it's possible the sub had an electrical issue.

Jamie Oliver

'Sugar of social media'- Jamie Oliver bans daughter from posting selfies to Instagram

Oliver described teenage girls' use of Instagram as "frightening".

Clashes became out-of-control after the anniversary protest of the 1973 Greek  student uprising

Flares and gas bombs hurled at police in Greece after peaceful march

It came after marking the 1973 Greek student uprising.

Elon Musk says the truck can travel 800 kilometres on a single charge, but it comes at a high cost.

Tesla's Elon Musk unveils latest electric vehicle - a semi-truck

Musk held a VIP-event to introduce the new product.

Tsukuba Express felt compelled to say sorry for the inconvenience it probably didn't cause.

Japanese rail company apologises after train departs from station 20 seconds early

The train left the station early after the conductor failed to check the timetable properly.

Handcuffs (File picture).

Suspect dances for Texas police before arrest.

The man was eventually stopped after a police dog attacked him.

Rare comic showing Superman's first appearance to be auctioned

The comic is expected to sell for over $1 million.

Research presented at a sleep conference includes results from an Australian survey

Norwegian billionaire fined nearly $60,000 for drunk driving.

The 22 year old student has also been handed a 13 month driving ban.

There are no reports of injuries yet at the centre near Philadelphia.

Raw video: Massive blaze engulfs retirement home in US

At least 20 people have been injured in the inferno.

Mr Mugabe is refusing to resign, amid mounting calls for him to step down.

Zimbabwe military says progress made in talks for Mugabe's exit

The state Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation television aired a similar report today.

The election was held a year early after King Tupou dissolved Parliament.

Akilisi Pohiva's Tongan pro-democracy movement wins controversial general election

The election was held a year early after King Tupou dissolved Parliament.

Pro trick athlete Bailey Payne has suffered a rough landing after a backflip over an Audi R8  didn't go as planned.

Watch: Daredevil vlogger sent flying after back flip stunt goes horribly wrong

Bailey Payne's sneakers went flying, but remarkably he was unharmed.

Australian couple who pledged to divorce if country legalises same-sex marriage offered legal assistance

A lawyer reckons the pair might have troubled getting a legal divorce, so he wants to help.

It was only after she’d grabbed herself a box of goodies that she decided to hide her appearance.

'Hamburglar' arrested after squeezing into McDonald's drive-thru window in US and serving herself

Only after she'd grabbed herself a box of goodies did she try to hide her appearance.

A would-be thief has been caught on camera attempting to steal a keg of beer from a pub in Australia, but it didn't go to plan

Watch: Would-be thief tries to steal beer keg, fails spectacularly

A man ruined his own plans to steal a keg of beer - and it was all captured on camera.

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