Student from same school as Sydney cop shooter arrested

The Arthur Phillip High School student was handcuffed and had his belongings emptied on the footpath.


'Nosey Smurf was a hacking codename' - Edward Snowden spills the beans on spies' tricks

Edward Snowden didn't hold back in his first interview with the BBC.


'Coward' filmed viciously attacking homeless men in Perth revealed to be Kiwi

Video shows "Dez" Laalaai punching a man five times in the head before he falls to the ground.


Mum posts inspiring footage of baby with half a head

The one-year-old American baby who was only given days to live at birth has greeted his supporters via video.

'Captain is incapacitated' - pilot dies on American Airlines flight

Flight 550 was diverted to Syracuse, New York after the medical emergency.


Decision delayed on Oscar Pistorius' early release from prison

The case has been sent back to the parole board.

Controversial Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer eyeing Aussie PM's job

"I would love to make my way up to the very top spot."


Flood toll rises to 19 on French Riviera

Volunteers and firefighters have begun the gruelling task of cleaning up French Riviera towns strewn with mud and debris.


Bulldog 1, bears 0: Proof size doesn’t matter

French bulldog Jules managed to scare away two bears who got into her territory in LA.


'No! No! No!' Refugees shun water and food at Hungary train station

It's reported Muslim refugees shunned water and food because the Red Cross is unacceptable to them.


Pope insists marriage is forever at start of divisive family meeting

On the eve of the synod, a Vatican monsignor outed himself as gay and was summarily fired.


19 ingredients! You'll love it, when you find out the McDonald's french fry secret

Mythbusters television crews reveal what really lies in a Maccas chip.


Assad finally speaks, says Russia's air campaign in Syria must succeed

"It must succeed or we are facing the destruction of a whole region."


Hillary Clinton whips/nae naes her way through the campaign trail

The Democratic Presidential candidate has been hamming it up on Saturday Night Live and Ellen to gain more voters.

Container spotted in search for missing cargo ship carrying 33 onboard

An intensive search has resumed for a US cargo ship battered in fierce seas churned up by Hurricane Joaquin.


Video emerges of Sydney shooter moments before his death

Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammed shot and killed a NSW police employee on Friday.


US airstrike on Afghan hospital sparks international outcry

Nineteen people were killed in Kunduz including 12 Doctors Without Borders staff


Get the tissues out! Husband breaks down in tears after hearing wife is pregnant

The announcement video has been watched more than six and a half million times on YouTube.

'Life threatening and historic' rains bash east coast of United States

Record setting rain shuts roads, waterlogs crops in the US.

Video of pregnant woman dancing 'Whip/Nae Nae' in hospital proves a hit online

Since then the video has been viewed more than 650,000 times.


Pack of six tiger cubs entertain tourists on their debut at Chinese zoo

Though only two months old, they have a big appetite, each eating several kilograms of beef a day.


A terrible shake, then a roar as Guatemala landslide kills 30

Hundreds of rescue workers are searching for any survivors of Friday's horrific mudslide.

'Panic and desertion' begins as Russia bombards Syria

Russia has launched a new wave of air raids in Syria.

Still no sign of missing ship with 33 aboard in the Bahamas

US coastguards have been unable to locate a ship that went missing during Hurricane Joaquin.

Palestinian man goes on bloody rampage, shoots toddler

The man stabbed a shot five people including a two-year-old in Jerusalem.

Weather hinders search for missing small Indonesian plane

The DHC-6 Twin Otter plane lost contact with air traffic controllers 11 minutes after taking off with 10 people aboard.


Life sentence for Anzac terror plot teen

The 15-year-old masterminded the plot to behead Australian police officers from his bedroom in the UK.

Airstrike kills staff at Afghan medical clinic

Three local staffers for Doctors Without Borders were killed and 30 were missing after an explosion in Kunduz that may have been caused by a US airstrike.


Obama says not being able to strengthen gun control his biggest failure

President Obama has expressed anger and frustration over the Oregon shooting.

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