'Crikey, what's that?' Queenslanders puzzled by earthquake

Southeast Queensland was rocked today by a magnitude-5.3 earthquake.


‘Crikey, what’s that?’ Queenslanders puzzled by earthquake

A rare 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Queensland, swaying buildings.


Possible discovery of MH370 debris just a piece of the puzzle, expert says

The aviation commentator says it will be a breadcrumb towards the trail leading back to what happened.

Landslides bury Nepal villages, killing at least 15 people

The landslides were triggered by heavy rain which washed away bridges.

No mercy: Man hanged over 1993 Mumbai blasts

Yakub Abdul Razak Memon, 53, was executed inside a prison in western India.


Russia's veto of MH17 tribunal shows 'fatal flaw' in UN Security Council - Key

Russia used its veto on the Council to block a push for a UN backed tribunal into the shooting down of MH17.


Mick Fanning spots fin first time back surfing

The champion Aussie surfer says he saw a "fin" on his return to the sea after his first shark attack.


Mick Fanning had another shark encounter on return to the ocean

The champion Aussie surfer says he saw a ‘fin’ on his return to the sea after his shark attack.


Not your average get-away-car: Man steals Winnie the Pooh car from shopping mall

CCTV captured the man riding the poo car through the mall and out into the carpark.


Boy becomes world’s youngest recipient of a double hand transplant

Zion Harvey’s operation is a medical breakthrough and a huge step forward in transplants.


Dentist rarely discussed passion for hunting with patients

Walter Palmer remains in hiding but told patients: "I respect that not everyone shares the same views on hunting."

Students sue Rolling Stone over false campus rape story

A lawyer for the men said they suffered "vicious and hurtful attacks" because of the inaccuracies in the article.


Motorist shot dead by cop after traffic stop

A US policeman who pulled over a man missing front license plate and shot him dead has been indicted on murder charges.


Adorable baby elephant attempts to chase off flock of birds

The new-born elephant calf has made a game of chasing away the low flying swallows.


Murray McCully ‘disappointed’ at Russia’s veto of MH17 resolution

NZ’s Foreign Minister was chair of the vote at the UN which was vetoed by Russia.


Panda triplets cuter than ever on first birthday

The world's only surviving giant panda triplets are now aged one and very cute.


‘He killed half of Noah’s Ark’ – Jimmy Kimmel rips into Cecil-shooting dentist

The star shares his outrage over what Walter James Palmer did to the beloved lion.


Hate mail forces Cecil killing US dentist into hiding

The beloved lion was wounded by an arrow and shot 40 hours later


Two in court over slaying of Cecil the lion

During the hunt, the men tied a dead animal to their car to lure the lion out of a national park.

UK man inspired by 'Breaking Bad' found guilty of buying chemical weapon

UK man tried to obtain 500mg of ricin over the internet.


Russian veto expected as Security Council votes on MH17 court

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully is chairing the debate.


Tragic end for famous baby giraffe whose birth was live-streamed

“This is a huge loss for our giraffe herd, our staff and our guests,” Zoo CEO and president, Gregg Hudson, says.


Is this the best batch in the world?

This Australian beach house worth about $10 million is going to auction.


Kipenzi, Dallas Zoo’s newest giraffe, makes her debut.

The confident calf’s first public appearance since Animal Planet live-streamed her birth to over 2 million viewers.


Rachel Hunter joins outrage over killing of protected lion Cecil

Animal conservationists are outraged over the killing of the much-loved lion in Zimbabwe by an American hunter.


Tearful Home and Away star breaks down over cancer battle

Former Home and Away star Tessa James opens up to Aussie media about her fight with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Death by shooting – Gaddafi’s son gets sentenced for war crimes

The Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam and eight other former regime officials were sentenced to death.


Musclebound Brazilian stuns onlookers, lifts car from bike lane with bare hands

A random cyclist shows uncommon strength after finding his path blocked.

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