A police officer in Edmonton was hit by a car and stabbed, while four other pedestrians were mown down.

Explosion at Indian restaurant in Canada wounds 15 people

An explosion caused by a homemade bomb ripped through an Indian restaurant where children were present.

President Trump announced today that he was pulling out of the summit.

Summit talk turns warmer; Trump says 'talking to them now'

Trump welcomed North Korea's response to his withdrawal from the Singapore summit.

Dozens of woman have accused the Hollywood producer of sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein arrested on rape, criminal sex act charges

Weinstein, 66, left a Manhattan police station in handcuffs, with a strained smile, to head to court for arraignment.

Rick Thorburn was given at least 20 years in prison for the murder of Tiahleigh Palmer, 12.

Call for reforms in Queensland after Kiwi mum's daughter killed by foster carer

Rick Thorburn will spend at least 20 years behind bars after admitting today that he murdered his 12-year-old foster daughter and dumped her body in a Gold Coast river.

UK man convicted of attempted murder after sabotaging his wife's parachute

Victoria Cilliers survived by landing on a newly-plowed field.

A photo released by the South Jordan Police Department shows a traffic collision involving a Tesla Model S sedan with a Fire Department mechanic truck.

Tesla in Autopilot mode found to have sped up before crashing into fire engine

Police say car data shows the driver didn't touch the steering wheel for over a minute before the crash.

President Trump announced today that he was pulling out of the summit.

A detailed look at Trump's 'break-up' letter to Kim Jong Un

As presidential letters go, this one was nothing short of extraordinary the Associated Press writes.

Suspects in Toronto explosion

At least 15 injured after improvised explosive device detonated at Indian restaurant in Toronto, cops hunt hooded suspects

The explosion happened in Mississauga - leaving at least three people critically hurt.

Rick Thorburn was given at least 20 years in prison for the murder of Tiahleigh Palmer, 12.

Watch: 'No sentence will ever be enough' – Tiahleigh Palmer's Kiwi mum speaks after foster father jailed for 'callous' murder of 12-year-old girl

Rick Thorburn killed Tiahleigh after one of his sons confessed to having sex with the girl, and feared she may be pregnant.

London couple obsessed with Boyzone singer convicted of murdering nanny, burning body

The couple's delusional obsession with ark Walton led to the murder.

Tiahleigh Palmer was allegedly murdered by her foster father to cover up an incestuous relationship with his teenage son.

'You murdered this defenceless child ' - Aussie foster dad jailed at least 20 years for murdering Kiwi mum's 12-year-old daughter

Rick Thorburn murdered Tiahleigh Palmer after learning his son Trent had been having sex with her and she may have been pregnant.

The burning methane is the latest natural phenomena being seen at the eruption of the Kilauea volcano.

What causes the eerie blue flames seen appearing through cracks in road during Hawaii volcano eruption?

A USGS scientist says it's only the second time he's ever seen blue flames during an eruption.

North Korea appeared to destroy at least three nuclear tunnels, observation buildings and a metal foundry at its Punggye-ri site.

Watch: Explosions destroy North Korea's nuclear test site

The dramatic demolition was observed by international media hours before Trump cancelled summit with Kim Jong Un.

Kansas teen who tried to sell his high school on Craigslist for $20k gets unintended payback

The graduating 18-year-old thought this was pretty funny - until things started going awry.

FILE- In this March 20, 2018, file photo provided by the National Transportation Safety Board, investigators examine a driverless Uber SUV that fatally struck a woman in Tempe, Ariz. Uber announced Wednesday, May 23, that it is pulling its self-driving cars out of Arizona, a reversal triggered by the recent death of woman who was run over by one of the ride-hailing service's robotic vehicles while crossing a darkened street in a Phoenix suburb. (National Transportation Safety Board via AP, File)

New York Times: Here's why the self-driving Uber car wiped out a pedestrian, despite identifying victim six seconds before crash

Report finds self-driving was ready to brake but was over-ridden by a prior decision from - a human.

In this May 23, 2018 photo, lava erupts in the air in Leilani Estates area near Pahoa, Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano has opened more than 20 vents in the ground that have released lava, sulfur dioxide and steam. (George F. Lee/Honolulu Star-Advertiser via AP)

Kilauea volcano: Two US military helicopters sent to Hawaii as evacuation backup

Mass evacuation could happen if lava crosses key highways and isolates communities.

Mr Trump said the decision was due to "tremendous anger and hostility" in a recent North Korean statement.

'We can not help but feel very sorry' - North Korea responds to Trump's cancellation of the Singapore summit, says they still want to talk

The country's Foreign Affairs Minister has responded President Trump's cancellation of the planned summit, expressing regret and saying they still want to talk "at any time".

FILE - In this Thursday Jan. 18, 2018 file photo, Britain's Prince William joins military veterans now working for the National Health Service, as he visits Evelina London Children's Hospital in London. Kensington Palace says Prince William will visit Israel and the Palestinian territories at the end of June 2018, the first British royal to make an official visit there. (Daniel Leal Olivas/Pool via AP)

Prince William to visit Israel in June, the first British royal to do so in an official capacity

Irael's occupation of the Palestinian territories is considered illegal by the UK.

Former Brazil star Ronaldinho is planning to marry two women at the same time

Rio newspaper reports the 38-year-old will celebrate his love for two live-in girlfriends in August.

A school bus collided with a dump truck, ripping the bus apart, knocking it on its side.

Bus driver charged with vehicular homocide in US crash that killed student, teacher

The driver involved in a New Jersey crash last week had a history of licence suspensions.

Maria Exposto, found with crystal meth at Kuala Lumpur Airport in 2014, claims she was the victim of an online romance scam.

Aussie granny sentenced to hang in Malaysia, after not guilty verdict for drug trafficking overturned

Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto was originally acquitted of the charges, with the court accepting she was unaware she was carrying the drugs.

Dozens of woman have accused the Hollywood producer of sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual assault, facing arrest in New York

Movie stars and employees of his company have described a decadeslong history by Weinstein of sexually abusing and assaulting them and then paying or coercing them to stay silent.

The spy agency has made its first-ever television ad, aiming to attract more women and ethnic-minority recruits.

Watch: Britain's MI6 spy agency first TV recruiting ad

The ad, which says 'we don't do what you think', aims to attract more women and ethnic minorities.

McDonald's not ready to let go of plastic straws

A shareholder proposal to pressure the world's biggest hamburger chain on the matter was voted down.

Terminations are currently allowed only where there is substantial risk to the life of the mother.

Abortion debate rages in Ireland ahead of referendum on whether to lift decades-old ban

In homes and pubs, on leaflets and lampposts and online, debate is raging ahead of today's vote.

President Trump announced today that he was pulling out of the summit.

'Tremendous setback' - President Trump cancels summit with Kim Jong Un, citing 'open hostility' by North Korea

Trump said in a letter to Kim released by the White House that he felt it was "inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting."

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