Drone discovers man sunbathing on 60m wind turbine

A drone pilot may have uncovered the world's most private sunbathing spot after he came across a man napping on top of a 60m wind turbine.


Jack Tame: 10 years on from Hurricane Katrina

America’s worst natural disaster struck New Orleans in 2005.


'Serious dereliction of duty' blamed on deadly Tianjin explosion

11 officials are likely to be prosecuted on criminal charges over the Chinese blast.


Remembering Hurricane Katrina - Obama visits New Orleans ten years on

"You are an example of what's possible when good people come together."


Grieving staff hold emotional broadcast day after horror on-air shooting

The fatal shooting happened during a live TV interview as tens of thousands of viewers watched.

'Maybe up to 50' - scores of dead migrants found in truck in Austria

Police "saw blood dripping" from the vehicle and "noticed the smell of dead bodies".


US in shock after dramatic double murder is broadcasted on live TV

US Correspondent Jack Tame has the latest on the shooting of two journalists and a woman which took place in Virginia.


Outrage over naked women used as fruit platters at Sydney bar

The video posted on Instagram shows the women covered in bananas, watermelon and apples.


'She had a wonderful life' - Dad's tribute to murdered TV reporter daughter

Andy Parker said he wants to do something to help stop "crazy people getting guns".


Gobsmacked sheilas: Americans learn Aussie slang

The team behind 'How to speak Australian' has done it again.


'No evidence' of racial discrimination against TV gunman who killed reporters

Vester Lee Flanagan filmed the executions of a reporter and cameraman during a live interview in the US.


Fisherman's GoPro captures seal terrorising schools of fish

Dirk Nienaber was fishing in the port city of Fremantle, Australia when he filmed the amazing footage.


Not quite loving it…McDonald's rejects Burger King's peace proposal

It’s no secret that a feud exists between the big burger chains.

Obama: Shooting of reporters on live TV 'breaks my heart'

Alison Parker and Adam Ward lost their lives in the attack.


Batman killer sentenced to thousands of years in jail

James Holmes escaped the death penalty for the 12 murders.


Bombing mastermind finally captured after 19 year manhunt

The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing killed 19 American servicemen in Saudi Arabia.


Adorable couple eat bite of original wedding cake every anniversary for 60 years

Florida couple Ann and Ken Fredericks keep their cake in their closet, disgusting their kids.


Grieving father learned of reporter daughter's horrifying death via text message

Ms Parker had just turned 24 and had joined the station as an intern.

Virginia shooter described as 'off-kilter' and a loner

Vester Flanagan had a reputation as an unhappy man who was difficult to work with.


World’s biggest food fight marks 70 years of tomato goodness

The Tomatina fiesta in Spain was inspired by a food fight between local children in the tomato producing region in 1945.


'You Stink' activists turn Lebanon trash crisis into popular uprising

Activists say the movement is a reflection of the growing frustration with an aging and corrupt political class.


Treasure hunters recover items from 200-year-old wreckage

An 80 centimetre bronze cannon was the most significant find from the vessel.

Raw: Sickening footage of gunman filming himself shooting reporter

Journalist Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot dead during a live TV broadcast.

Dead guide put himself between charging lion and tourists

Quinn Swales was killed as he led a walking tour through Hwange National Park.


Ellen DeGeneres busts in, outshinesTaylor Swift's in latest 1989 world tour gig

Introduced to the audience as an “international pop star”, DeGeneres sashayed downstage in a full body suit and tutu covered in sparkles


Parents outraged with school's plans to screen gay parenting doco

Parents of Burwood Girls High School students were advised in a letter that 'Gayby Baby'would be compulsory viewing for all students.


Baby duck outfoxes Kruger leopard, deprives big cat of tasty meal

Tourists watch on as tentative leopard tries to catch a baby duck which escaped its claws.


Drone used to fly drugs and contraband into prison

Two men have been arrested in the US over the incident.

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