President Trump unloads on Red Hen restaurant after booting out staffer - 'filthy canopies, doors and windows'

"If a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!" said Trump.

It comes after Italy cracked down on immigration and closed its ports.

Rescued migrants remain stranded on container ship off Italian coast

Neither Italy nor Malta has given the crews of the two ships permission to disembark the passengers.

Twelve boys and their coach were trapped when a rainstorm flooded a stream at the cave entrance.

'Where is my child?' Search continues for Thai students trapped in flooded cave

Rain caused parts of the cave to flood with 5m of water but rescuers believe the boys are still alive.

Under a new constitution Tayyip Erdogan will get extra powers.

Turkey's election board declares incumbent Erdogan winner of presidential election

The vote also ushered in an executive presidency system giving Erdogan sweeping new powers.


Magnitude 5.4 earthquake rattles Greece

The southern European country Greece occupies one of the most earthquake-prone areas of the world.

Motorbike Bars

Feared police squad spreads its wings amid Nomads and Finks bloody NSW bikie wars

Shootings and a firebombing have made the conflict impossible to ignore in the Australian state.

Eighteen survivors have been pulled from Lake Toba.

Indonesia identifies location of ferry that sank in lake leaving more than 150 dead

Only 18 people survived the sinking of the ferry with some 200 on board last week.

Twelve boys and their soccer coach are believed to have entered the cave late Saturday afternoon.

Rescuers search for missing students believed trapped by flooding in cave in Thailand

Twelve boys and their soccer coach are believed to have entered the cave yesterday.

Some have gone as far as labelling the situation as sanctioned child abuse.

Pentagon to use military bases to house immigrants

It wasn't clear if the housing would be limited strictly to children or if it would also involve families.

Trump takes a shot at 'whimpering' Jimmy Fallon over the 'famous hair show'

Fallon recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he "made a mistake" on the 2016 episode.

Four people, including a Kiwi, died when the Thunder River Rapids ride malfunctioned two years ago.

Relatives of those killed in Dreamworld ride malfunction could receive compensation

Four holiday-makers died when a raft they were travelling in collided with another raft stranded on a conveyor.

The marauding marsupial took to the field in ACT, causing players to flee.

Watch: Real-life 'Socceroo' invades the pitch during Australian club football match

This spirited kangaroo was perhaps showing his support for the national side.

Roseanne Barr in a trailer for her revival 'Roseanne' show on ABC, before it was cancelled.

Tearful Roseanne says she's 'lost everything' after tweeting racist slur

"I'm a lot of things. I'm a loudmouth and all that stuff, but I'm not stupid, for God's sake,"

A new rule come into place after the election, removing the role of Prime Minister and giving the President complete ruling power.

Erdogan claims victory in Turkish election - but opponent disputes, claims manipulation

Erdogan supporters waving Turkish and party flags celebrated outside his residence in Istanbul.

Donald Trump isn't toning down his rhetoric despite mounting pressure on the issue.

US government working to re-unite 2000 children separated from parents at border

Donald Trump made the order last week to stop the separations, amid intense public pressure.

The nine-year-old rescue pup won for her lolling tongue and protruding teeth.

Zsa Zsa the bulldog named World's Ugliest Dog for 2018

Dogs in the annual competition flaunt their imperfections - some have hairless bodies, others have lolling tongues.

The trip comes among rising tensions between Palestinians and Israelis following recent air strikes and violent protests.

Prince William begins historic five-day trip to Middle East, including Israel

It will be the first official visit by a Royal to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

But the handbrake’s still firmly on other fundamental rights in the Middle East country.

Watch: Thousands of Saudi women rush to get driver’s licences before ban is lifted

Tomorrow, women will be allowed to drive, ending a ban that had stained the kingdom's reputation globally.

They are demanding another vote on whether or not to leave the EU.

Thousands take to the streets of London to protest Brexit

They were demanding another vote on whether or not to leave the EU.

Saudi Women take the driver’s seat legally for the first time, as the country makes a “modernizing” change today.

Video: Saudi women get behind wheel for first time ever legally

Saudi women took the driver's seat today for the first time, as the country makes a modernising change.

Jogger detained for two weeks after accidentally crossing US border while out for a run

The 19-year-old woman says she was detained by officials at the White Rock crossing from Canada.

Smiling female high school student communicating with her male friend during a class in the classroom. Focus is on girl.

Lawsuits challenge abstinence-only strategy to prevent teen pregnancy in US

The lawsuits are against an "ineffective" abstinence-only-until-marriage curriculum.

The sin-binning of Israel Folau for a similar incident to Benjamin Fall in last week’s All Blacks Test proved crucial as the Wallabies lost to Ireland in the series decider.

Ireland savour historic triumph over Wallabies

The team have claimed their first series victory in Australia in almost 40 years.

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

US Press Secretary says she was booted from restaurant because she works for Trump

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders explained the incident in a tweet today.

It is the latest move by a big supermarket chain on the use of plastic shopping bags.

Samoa looks to ban all single-use plastic

Samoa will look to ban all single-use plastic from January in the latest Government move to protect the country's oceans.

US prepares for North Korea's return of American war remains

North Korea will return the remains of US soldiers missing since the 1950-53 Korean War.

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