'It's almost like someone has given Mother Nature some chill out pills'

Many are enjoying fine weather and blue skies, but what is to come? Dan Corbett has the latest. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch: Hail and rain buckets down in Gisborne, lightning bolts light up sky

A severe hail storm has bucketed down in Gisborne this afternoon. 

Metservice said Gisborne would receive "showers, some heavy and thundery" today. 

Shingo Suematsu captured the severe hail storm from a Gisborne home this evening. Source: Supplied

Shingo Suematsu sent footage to 1 NEWS showing hail plummeting down on a backyard deck, panning up to the grey sky. 

Thunder bolt in Gisborne. Source: Linda Coulston

Lightning bolts lit up the sky while heavy rain hit the city hard, conditions which Linda Coulston desribed as "loud and rowdy." 

The "light show" was captured by Billy Maxwell during this evenings storm. Source: Supplied