High temperatures continue but rain for much of New Zealand today

Breakfast weatherman Matty McLean has the latest forecast. Source: Breakfast

Christchurch to swelter in 33 degree heat, but much-needed rain coming to deep south

Much needed rain is expected to fall on the South Island today, but meteorologists are warning it won't be enough to break the drought.

It's thought there will need to be several rain storms before ground moisture levels return to normal.

It's been weeks since there was any significant rainfall in Gore, which has led to region-wide water restrictions.

Breakfast weather presenter Matty McLean has some good news for those in Southland and Otago. Source: Breakfast

Rain will fall in Invercargill this morning, with the wider Southland and Otago regions getting the wet weather later in the day.

It will be a scorcher on the east coast, however, with Christchurch to hit 33 degrees, and Blenheim 30.

It will reach 30 in Masterton, but other than the odd shower, it's fine and sunny in most of the North Island. 

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It's though the area will need several rain storms before ground moistures is returned to normal. Source: 1 NEWS


Another day of scorching weather for New Zealand

It's set to be another scorching day in New Zealand, with the mercury to pass 30 degrees in Alexandra and Masterton.

TVNZ 1 Breakfast weather presenter Matty McLean says in Southland and Otago morning cloud will burn off, with Alexandra to reach 32 degrees.

There will also be a bit of morning cloud over the rest of the South Island, but it will also clear to reveal warm, still conditions.

It will reach 23 degrees in Hawke's Bay, but further south, Masterton will bake in 30 degree heat.

Auckland and the rest of the upper North Island can expect temperatures in the mid-20s.

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Alexandra and Masterton are expected to top 30 degrees, while many other areas will reach the high 20s. Source: Breakfast