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North Island: A few showers, turning to rain in the west and south. Staying dry in Gisborne and Hawke's Bay. Gale northwest in Wellington and Wairarapa. South Island: Rain in the west and south at first, heavy and thundery at times, spreading elsewhere for a time.


North Island: Brief showers in the east. Elsewhere, rain or showers, easing. Gale northwest in Wellington and Wairarapa. South Island: Rain in the south and west, heavy at times. Mainly fine elsewhere. Gale or severe gale cold westerlies in the far south.


North Island: A few showers in the west. Dry about Wellington and in the east. South Island: Showers in the west and far south easing. Fine elsewhere. Gale westerlies in the far south easing.


North Island: Isolated showers in the west from Northland to Manawatu clearing, fine elsewhere. South Island: Scattered showers in the west and far south becoming confined to Fiordland. Mainly fine elsewhere.

Chatham Islands

A few showers on Tuesday with strengthening northerlies. A period of rain on Wednesday, then showers clearing for a time on Thursday and winds changing westerly.

Northland, Auckland, Coromandel and Bay of Plenty

Showers developing this afternoon, with possible thunderstorms in the west. Clearing this evening, but showers returning for a time tomorrow morning.

Waikato to Kapiti, including the central high country

Periods of rain or showers today, with some heavy falls and possible thunderstorms. A few showers and fine spells tomorrow.

Gisborne, Hawke's Bay Wairarapa, and Wellington

Scattered afternoon and evening rain today, with possible thunderstorms in the west. Fine tomorrow, but a few showers about the Tararua District and northern Wellington.

Nelson, Marlborough and Canterbury

Rain and thunderstorms about the ranges today, and scattered falls elsewhere. Mainly fine tomorrow, but a few afternoon and evening showers.

Buller, Westland and Fiordland, also Otago and Southland

Periods of rain or showers. Squally thunderstorms and hail, mainly afternoon and evening.

Chatham Islands

Occasional showers, clearing tomorrow.


Sunday : Northwest 25 knots, then turning westerly 15 knots this evening. Rough sea easing. Southeast swell 1 metre, period 10 seconds. Northeast swell 1 metre developing. Poor visibility in showers developing late afternoon. Monday : Westerly 15 knots. Sea slight. Southeast swell 1 metre, period 10 seconds, easing. Northeast swell 1 metre. Fair visibility in morning showers.

Outlook following 3 days: Tuesday: Northwest rising to 25 knots in the morning. Sea becoming rough. Wednesday: Easing to westerly 20 knots early. Rough sea easing early. Thursday: Westerly 20 knots.


Inshore waters from Great Mercury Island to Mayor Island to Matakana Island.

A front moves over the country today, preceded by a northerly flow, and followed by a strong westerly flow. Another front moves over New Zealand on Tuesday, bringing a change to strong and colder southwesterlies. A ridge begins to build over the upper North Island on Thursday.

Nil for Plenty

Sunday: Northerly 20 knots. Changing westerly 15 knots in the evening. Moderate sea easing this evening. Fine at first. Poor visibility in evening showers. Easterly swell half a metre. Northerly swell half a metre. Monday: Westerly 15 knots, turning northwest 15 knots in the evening. Sea slight. Cloudy periods, fair visibility in morning showers. Easterly swell half a metre dying out. Northerly swell half a metre.

Outlook until midnight Thursday: Tuesday: Northwest rising to 20 knots in the morning. A few showers. Northeast swell half a metre, rising to 1 metre for a time. Wednesday: Easing to westerly 15 knots early. Early rain, then isolated showers and increasing fine spells. Northerly swell half to 1 metre. Thursday: Westerly 15 knots. Isolated showers. Northerly swell half a metre.