weather warning

An active cold front is expected to move onto the far south of the South Island tonight, then move northeast over the South Island and the lower North Island during Tuesday

Fine. Northerly picking up this evening.
Mon May 21 07:42:00 NZST 2018
Mon May 21 17:11:00 NZST 2018
Fine, but showers in the evening as northerlies turn lighter southwest.
Tue May 22 07:42:00 NZST 2018
Tue May 22 17:11:00 NZST 2018
Wed May 23 00:00:00 NZST 2018
A fine start, chance shower from afternoon. Southwesterlies.
Wed May 23 07:43:00 NZST 2018
Wed May 23 17:10:00 NZST 2018
Thu May 24 00:00:00 NZST 2018
High cloud thickening. Strong or gale northerlies.
Thu May 24 07:44:00 NZST 2018
Thu May 24 17:09:00 NZST 2018







Wed May 23 00:00:00 NZST 2018



Thu May 24 00:00:00 NZST 2018



Tides for Lyttelton
Mon May 21 21:53:00 NZST 2018
HIGH  2.5M
Tue May 22 04:12:00 NZST 2018
LOW  0.4M
Tue May 22 10:26:00 NZST 2018
HIGH  2.4M
Tue May 22 16:35:00 NZST 2018
LOW  0.4M

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North Island, heavy rain in the west, but showers later.Thunderstorms possible. Showers in the east with a southerly change. South Island, showers, with thunderstorms possible in the west and south at first. Snow to 600 metres in the south. Mainly fine for Nelson, and inland Marlborough and Canterbury.


North Island, showers in the west becoming frequent, possible thunderstorms in southwest. Mostly dry in the east. Severe gale westerlies possible about Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa. South Island, heavy rain in the west, possibly thundery. Mostly dry elsewhere, brief rain for Otago and Southland. Gale westerlies possible in exposed places.


North Island, showers, heavy in the west. South Island, showers with cold southerlies, clearing in the west and north. Snow to 500 metres in the far south.

Chatham Islands

Periods of rain. Westerlies strong at times, with gale possible on Friday.

Northland to Taumarunui and Taihape, including Bay of Plenty

Occasional showers, some heavy tomorrow.

Gisborne, Hawkes Bay

Mainly fine. Northwest gales in exposed places tomorrow night.

Taranaki to Wellington, also Wairarapa

Fine spells and a few showers. Heavy rain developing tomorrow night, with squally thunderstorms about Taranaki and south of Levin. Northwest gales from tomorrow evening, possibly severe in Wellington.

Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury

Mostly fine, but showers from tomorrow afternoon, with possible thunderstorms in the north and west. Showers turning to rain in Nelson and Marlborough tomorrow evening. Northwest gales tomorrow, severe in exposed places.

Buller, Westland, Fiordland

A few showers tonight. Rain tomorrow, heavy at times, with possible thunderstorms.

Otago, Southland

Fine tonight, but a few showers about coastal Southland. Occasional rain or showers tomorrow, with northwest gales in exposed places during the morning.

Chatham Islands

Fine tonight. Showers tomorrow.


*GALE WARNING IN FORCE* Variable 10 knots, becoming northwest 25 knots this evening. Rising to northerly 35 knots Tuesday morning,then to 45 knots north of Kaikoura Tuesday afternoon. Becoming westerly 20 knots everywhere late Tuesday evening. Sea becoming high in the north for a time. Southwest swell rising to 2 metres offshore for a time.Northerly swell rising to 2 metres offshore. Poor visibility in rain late Tuesday evening.

Outlook following 3 days: Changing late Wednesday afternoon southwest 25 knots, easing early Thursday northwest 15 knots, then rising later Thursday northwest 25 knots. Changing Friday afternoon southwest 30 knots. Moderate southwest swell developing Thursday for a time. Moderate northerly swell 2 metres offshore, easing Wednesday.


*GALE WARNING IN FORCE* Northwest 15 knots, rising to northerly 25 knots this evening, and to 35 knots Tuesday morning. Easing to northwest 15 knots Tuesday afternoon, then changing southerly 25 knots Tuesday evening. Sea very rough for a time.Southwest swell rising to 2 metres for a time offshore. Northeast swell rising to 2 metres for a time. Poor visibility in showers Tuesday evening.

Outlook following 3 days: Easing to variable 10 knots early Wednesday.Developing Wednesday afternoon southwest 30 knots, easing Wednesday evening 20 knots. Becoming Thursday northwest 20 knots, then becoming Friday afternoon southwest 25 knots. Rough sea at times. Moderate southwest swell developing Wednesday, easing Thursday.


Inshore waters from Lyttelton Harbour to the Waimakariri River mouth.

Several fronts cross over New Zealand during this forecast period, embedded in a disturbed westerly flow. These westerlies are likely to reach gale or possibly storm in many places on Thursday.

GALE warning for CONWAY

Strong wind advisory. Monday: Northeast 10 knots, becoming northwest 15 knots this evening.Sea slight.Fine weather. Tuesday: Northwest 15 knots, rising to 25 knots gusting 35 knots in the morning, and to 30 knots gusting 40 knots in the afternoon. Changing westerly 15 knots early evening, then southwest 20 knots late evening for a time. Sea becoming rough in the morning, easing early evening. Mainly fine, but fair visibility in a few late showers.

Outlook until midnight Friday: Wednesday: Westerly 10 knots, becoming southwest 20 knots for a time in the afternoon. Mainly fine, with a few evening showers. Thursday: Becoming northeast 15 knots in the morning, changing northwest 15 knots late. High cloud. Friday: Easing to westerly 10 knots early, changing southwest 20 knots later. A few showers developing with southerly.

Swell forecast to midnight Friday: East to northeast half a metre, rising to 1 metre for a time Tuesday.