John Campbell goes behind the stories making the news.

The Story with John Campbell: Islamic scholar says NZ response to attacks a lesson for the world

Terrorism is intended to divide and spread hate. But the response to the attacks on two Mosques in Christchurch did the opposite. Among those who arrived in Christchurch was Prof Ali Al-Qaradaghi, Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. His interview with John Campbell is the basis for this special episode of The Story. Has the response to the terrible events in Christchurch provided a template for how we should respond to terrorism?

The Story with John Campbell: A conversation with Steve Hansen

John Campbell sits down and talks candidly with the All Blacks head coach about his decision to step down after next year’s World Cup.

The Story with John Campbell: The Pride Divide

A bitter split in the Rainbow Community has put one of the biggest events on the LGBTQI calendar under threat. John Campbell looks at both sides of the debate, and at the historic events leading up to the current tension.

The Story with John Campbell: Schools under stress

John Campbell asks whether it's time to not just address teacher pay and conditions but the way our education system works.

The Story with John Campbell: Abortion, a woman's right to choose?

John Campbell asks NZ's most vocal reproductive rights advocate why she's never given up speaking out on the issue.

The Story with John Campbell: When the drugs don't work

Anti-depressants are meant to make you feel better, but users of a new, cheap version of the drug say they feel worse on the generic brand. John Campbell asks why, when the science says the drugs are exactly the same, the new one is causing problems for many.

The Story with John Campbell: Is China interfering in NZ’s political system?

John Campbell looks at donations to our political parties that could be linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Story with John Campbell: Trapped on Nauru

In the first of a new series, TVNZ's John Campbell asks why Nauru has become a kind of penal colony.