World No.1 Ash Barty stops tennis press conference to answer journalist's phone

An unexpected phone call to a journalist's mobile in the middle of Ash Barty's press conference wasn't enough to throw her off but when the person on the other end decided to hang up, the Aussie star was left gobsmacked.

Barty was answering questions ahead of her appearance at the Adelaide International when one of the phones recording the press conference starting ringing.

Keeping composed, Barty decided to check the phone to see who was calling.

"Does anyone know a Kez? It's got a grandma emoji," Barty asked the media attending as the phone continued to ring.

A reporter asked Barty if she could put the phone on airplane mode to stop it ringing but the tennis star decided to have some fun instead and answered the call.

"Hello? Who are you trying to reach?" Barty asked, to the amusement of the media.

"It's Ash Barty."

The caller appeared to be taken back by the news, before asking how she managed to be the one answering the phone.

"He left his phone on during a press conference."

Barty was ready to take a message for the journalist but that all went out the window when Barty put her ear to the phone again.

"She hung up on me!" Barty said with a stunned face as everyone in the room laughed.

It was later revealed the mystery caller was actually a fellow Australian athlete - AFLW player Kerryn Harrington.

The Aussie Rules player took to social media afterwards to apologise to Barty.

"Sorry Ash barty, absolutely star struck," Harrington wrote.

"What I meant to say was - Will you please come play for Carlton FC?"

After a first impression like the one she gave though, Harrington may need to do more to convince Barty to come on board.