Watch: 'I was caught in the middle' - Venus Williams' reaction to fatal crash on police body-cam




Fresh footage from a policeman's body camera has been released today of the US tennis star Venus Williams' reaction following the fatal car crash she was involved in last month.

The video shows Williams talking calmly to police officers minutes after the June 9 crash in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Jerome Barson, 78, the passenger involved in the collision died on June 23 from injuries suffered in the crash.

Williams, who was not hurt, has not been cited or charged.

The body camera video released earlier today shows police officer David Dowling explaining to Williams, 37, why she was at fault but wasn't going to get a ticket.

"You had a green light, so you had the right of way when you started to exit but because you got stuck in the middle of the intersection, you lost that right of way," Dowling told Williams.

Linda Barson (the driver of the other car), he said, now had a green light "and had no way of knowing that you were going to come across."

"I was caught in the middle," said Williams.

"I was in the middle of the street. I got caught," Willams told Dowling.

"You got caught in the middle," said Dowling.

"You just got stuck in a bad situation there."

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