'You don't have freedom from consequences' - Peter FitzSimons weighs in on Israel Folau's future with Rugby Australia

Australian rugby commentator Peter FitzSimons has weighed in on Wallabies star Israel Folau's future, saying his rugby career in Australia looks bleak.

Folau responded to Rugby Australia's breach notice earlier this afternoon, requesting a code of conduct hearing.

His rugby career is on the line after he posted on social media last week that homosexuals were among a group condemned to hell unless they repent for their sins, Rugby Australia was quick to act, saying they intended to fire Folau.

FitzSimons told Seven Sharp that Folau should have learned from last year's debacle that put him in hot water.

"Last year he did it and it was a nightmare that went for three weeks, despite that they signed him up for another four years," said FitzSimons.

"A million dollars a year and he made as I was told, a firm commitment – 'I won't do that again.'"

FitzSimons said Folau has pushed Rugby Australia into a corner and he is likely to be shown the door.

"He did that again [posted controversial statements online]. When his employer quite reasonably called him in to discuss it, it was 36 hours before he replied. Then when they sat down, no remorse and the post is still up," FitzSimons said.

"How could Rugby Australia be faulted on saying 'mate here is your contract, watch this we've ripped it up – you're gone.'

"This is not an infringement of your freedom of speech, but what you got is you don't have freedom from consequences."

FitzSimons went onto say it will be very difficult for Folau to find employment overseas, but said French clubs would be likely to throw their hands up for his services should he depart Australia. 

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Reports suggest Folau didn’t have a social media clause in his multi-million dollar contract. Source: Seven Sharp