Yarrow Stadium's $50 million repair and upgrade fails to please everyone, labelled 'pointless'

It's been the scene of many great sporting moments in Taranaki but these days Yarrow Stadium is looking a little forlorn.

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Both the stadium’s covered stands are prone to earthquake damage and unusable. Source: 1 NEWS

In the last 18 months both its covered stands were found to be prone to earthquake damage and were deemed no longer useable.

However, Taranaki’s Regional Council has come up with a resolution after voting unanimously to spend $50 million to repair and upgrade the facilities.

There were eight options originally put forward for the stadium, ranging from $6 million at the cheap end to a huge $271 million option for a new stadium with a roof.

Taranaki Regional Council chairman David MacLeod said every option was considered.

"When you look at the spend per capita it’s a significant spend so we want to make sure we spend that money wisely for the region."

More than half of the 500 submissions supported a similar spend but not everyone, including councillor Michael Joyce, thinks the decision is wise with $36 million earmarked for repairs and the rest for enhancements.

"It's pointless spending that $36 million without all the other things that go with making the stadium a truly functional stadium," Joyce said.

Smaller sporting bodies are also frustrated, saying the money is being spent on what's primarily a rugby stadium.

But for the stadium's key tenant, Taranaki Rugby, the announcement has been a long time coming.

TRU chief executive Jeremy Parkinson said the news isn’t just good for rugby though.

"It's bigger than a sport," Parkinson said.

"It underpins our community and it’s important that we’ve got a regional facility to inspire the region.

"There's some light at the end of the tunnel."