World Rugby's medical group propose no scrum resets, huddles, upright tackles due to Covid-19

Rugby's laws could be in for a major shake up post Covid-19, with World Rugby's medical group proposing changes.

The All Blacks' scrum against the British and Irish Lions Source: Photosport

The proposal, to be put before World Rugby over the next 48 hours, would see banned scrum resets, upright tackles, team huddles and spitting - in the hope of preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Players would also be required to wash their hands and faces with soap for 20 seconds before kick off and half time, with match balls also having to be changed and cleaned at regular intervals.

The proposal will be put before World Rugby's executive commitee, where they will decide on what steps to take and publish temporary guidelines.

The proposal was produced with feedback from over 80 medical practitioners, with World Rugby insisting that the proposals are limited to the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.