Whittaker's unveil 'home' and 'away' flavoured chocolates to celebrate Rugby World Cup

Kiwi confectionery company Whittaker's is getting into the spirit of the Rugby World Cup with the release of two limited edition chocolates they believe "showcase signature flavours of New Zealand and Japan".

Whittaker's limited edition Rugby World Cup chocolates. Source: Whittaker's

Whittaker's unveiled the "Home" and "Away" blocks of chocolate this morning - the home block made to taste like "an iconic New Zealand Flat White in a chocolate block" while the away flavour combines Japanese matcha with pistachios. Both are combined with white chocolate.

Whittaker's marketing manager Holly Whittaker said the company were excited to bring their own flavour to the tournament.

"We think Flat White coffee is as Kiwi as the All Blacks and it was important to us to really capture that unique taste, which we believe we’ve achieved by pairing the perfect hit of roasted coffee with our White Chocolate," Whittaker's said in a statement.

"Our ‘Away’ block has a hint of Japanese matcha, which is perfectly balanced with our supremely smooth White Chocolate, and to top it off has the added crunch of caramelised pistachios throughout.

The blocks also feature unique packaging with artwork based on New Zealand and Japan. 

The design for the "Home" block is based on a 1930s painting of Mt Taranaki by Edward John Evelyn Holmwood and the "Away" block is based on an 1858 painting of Mt Fuji by Utagawa Hiroshige.

Both chocolates will be available in supermarkets and retail outlets nationwide from September 16.