'We're expected to win every Test we play' – Steve Hansen says All Blacks under constant pressure

The All Blacks biggest enemy may be their own expectations after Steve Hansen revealed this morning the constant pressure the team is under to deliver results on the international stage.

Hansen told media today ahead of this weekend's clash with England at Twickenham there wasn't any added pressure for the All Blacks with them entering as favourites.

"I don't know who's writing [England] off, you'd be foolish to do that, but does it put pressure on us? No," he said.

"There's already pressure on us. The one constant thing about being in the All Blacks is that you're under pressure because you're expected to win every Test you play and win it really, really well."

However, Hansen said his men are capable of using that constant state of tension to their advantage.

"Once you come to realise that [pressure], life becomes a little easier.

"It does I think at times give you an advantage because when other teams get put under pressure of having to win big games, they haven't experienced that as much as we have."

There's also processes put into place for new members of the team - players or staff - to help them adjust to the feeling.

"It's not difficult because they feel it straight away - it can be an overwhelming place.

"In any educational process, you have to talk about it and you've got to get people to understand why and then it's about supporting them when they go through it and keeping an eye on them from a distance, up close or whatever.

"It's about doing what the individual needs as opposed to having one lump answer because we all feel it differently."

The All Blacks will play England for the first time in four year's in front of a sellout, 80,000-strong Twickenham crowd on Sunday morning at 4am.

No pressure.

Hansen said despite the overwhelming feeling, his men can use it to their advantage. Source: 1 NEWS

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