'We just haven't got the dough' – frank Steve Hansen says NZ Rugby can't afford to pay All Blacks players more

As more and more potential All Blacks players are tempted by big money offers to play overseas, Steve Hansen says NZ Rugby doesn't have "the dough" to pay them more.

The All Blacks' coach was speaking at the Halberg Awards last night after winning the leadership award when he was asked if his players would like to be paid more to pull on the black jersey.

"Of course everyone would want more pay, you would want more pay in your job," Hansen replied to the reporter in his usual frank manner.

He went on to say that New Zealand Rugby doesn't have as much money as people think and need to be careful how they manage spending.

"We haven't got all that money so we can't waste it on stuff that would be nice to have, therefore that money is spent really wisely.

"So yes they'd want to be paid more but we just haven't got the dough".

More potential All Blacks players are chasing the big money overseas. Source: 1 NEWS