Watch: 'You got rosey-coloured glasses?' Steve Hansen brutally shuts down Aussie reporter accusing All Blacks of cheap hits

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has denied accusations his team were making cheap shots around the ruck in last night's 23-18 loss to the Wallabies, saying both teams are simply playing the game as it stands today.

Hansen was questioned by an Australian reporter about some of the "hits off the ball" with a particular focus on the breakdown, asking whether the penalties conceded from some of the All Blacks' actions were simply a "lapse in concentration".

However, the All Blacks coach wouldn't take the claim.

"Have you got rosey-coloured glasses? You only see the hits from one side?"

The reporter quickly back-tracked, saying the Wallabies were also guilty of rough play around the ruck, but Hansen wasn't finished.

"That's the game of rugby at the moment. No matter what game you watch, those hits around the ruck are happening all the time.

"When you've got a big guy, 120kgs, colliding with another guy, it's going to hurt - that's why I gave up!"

The All Blacks coach wasn't having a bar of the accusations. Source: 1 NEWS