Watch: Temuera Morrison channels Jake the Muss for bizarre Aussie Super Rugby ad -'Too much weights, not enough speed work!'

Temuera Morrison has reprised a controversial role for a television advert to help promote Super Rugby in Australia.

Morrison channelled Once Were Warriors character Jake the Muss to challenge famous Australian players to up their game this season.

"Hey Aussies. I don't want to put the hard word on you guys, but are you ready to play some rugby?" he says at the start of the ad.

The ad goes on to cut to a shot of Wallabies star Bernard Foley lifting weights.

"Mate, I'm pumped," he replies.

But Morrison's character already has a well-known response used in 1994 film ready.

"Too much weights, not enough speed work."

The choice by advertisers to bring in Morrison's character as an ambassador for Super Rugby has raised eyebrows, considering Jake the Muss is a violent drunk and perpetrator of domestic violence in the film.

"Why are we celebrating a wife basher?" one concerned fan questioned on social media.

"Disgusting. Running on a film that highlighted our horrible track record of domestic violence," another wrote.

Morrison said in his 2009 memoir, From Haka to Hollywood, he thought the character of Jake would "haunt" him for life.

"I had to work hardest on Jake's anger, and now I think it's probably with me for life," he said.

"There's a lot of torment left in there. When you go to these dark places inside you, for some reason things linger on. Maybe I need to go through some spiritual cleansing process to get rid of that guy."