Watch: NZ sevens star runs entire length of the field to score extra time game-winner against Aussies in Las Vegas

The All Blacks Sevens have recovered from a shock early departure in the Cup tier of the Las Vegas Sevens playoffs to finish fifth after beating Australia in an extra-time thriller.

A sensational solo run proved to be the difference as Sione Molia ran from goal line to goal line to give the All Blacks Sevens a 17-12 win.

The All Blacks Sevens thought they had won after scoring in the final minute of regular play but the referee forced one last kickoff after ruling the NZ side had taken too long to convert the try.

As a result, the Aussies were given one last chance with the score at 12-7 to even or win the game.

They managed to fight their way down to the Kiwi tryline and scored in the right corner but with the conversion missing, extra time was needed to find a winner.

With the first score winning the match, possession was vital and the Aussies held it with a scrum near halfway two minutes into extra time.

However, a forced pass went to ground as they pushed for a hole on the right wing, giving the Kiwis ball deep inside their 22m.

Molia received the ball behind his posts and used them to his advantage, stepping back towards them and accelerating past the first of three Aussie defenders he would beat in his heroic solo try.

Molia then pushed off another, leaving a showdown with sweeping defender James Stannard.

After cutting left and right, the pair finally collided with Molia shrugging him off and running away to the try line to score.

The result means the All Blacks Sevens leave Las Vegas with 13 points to add to their season standings.