Watch: 'I'm Jack' - All Blacks media manager has shocker, mixes up Damian McKenzie and Jack Goodhue

All Blacks media manager Joe Locke had a day to forget when dealing with the European press in Dublin this morning, hilariously getting Damian McKenzie and Jack Goodhue mixed up.

As the two players entered the room to front media ahead of this weekend's clash with Ireland, Locke suffered a classic case of mistaken identity.

"We've got Jack [Goodhue] on the left, Damian [McKenzie] on the right," he said, even though it was the other way around.

Again, Locke repeated himself, before Goodhue stepped in to remedy the situation.

"I'm Jack," the bruising midfielder said, before the gathered media descended into a light bout of laughter.

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    The two stars had to introduce themselves to media following a slight mix-up. Source: 1 NEWS

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