Watch: Ian Foster plays with Jack Goodhue's mullet in press conference, as RWC quarter-final looms

It’s the eve of what Jack Goodhue says is the biggest game of his career so far, but the All Blacks are in a relaxed mood.

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There were no signs of tension in All Blacks camp on the eve of the quarter-final against Ireland. Source: 1 NEWS

Or at least there's no sign of tension as three members of the group hijacked the media briefing today to momentarily discuss the midfielder’s mullet among other important hair matters in the team.

After being asked a question about a number of players in the team getting haircuts before Ireland, proud mullet man Goodhue defended his business up front, party out back do.

“I’m not going to get rid of the mullet, you can ask this every week, it’s not going, there’s actually scientific evidence that shows it makes me faster,” he said.

“It was done at Harvard I think.”

Goodhue’s response prompted Sam Whitelock to momentarily turn reporter, asking his teammate if the mullet would be cut off before his upcoming wedding.

“Did you read the Woman’s Day article? It said you’ll find out on the day,” Goodhue replied.

Assistant coach Ian Foster, - who had been touching Goodhue's mullet during the press conference -then said the highlight of the week was several players getting their haircuts in the team room.

“They line up all these chairs in the team room and they’ve got about six or seven hairdressers come in and it’s actually quite the show, there has been some mis-cuts I guess.

“George Bridge, one, he’s hoping for some very sunny days to get rid of the white line right round the back of the neck.”

“Don’t look at it tomorrow ‘cause you’ll embarrass him.”

Earlier, Foster had joked that Goodhue shaving his moustache this week was a sign that the midfielder was taking his preparation seriously.

“He has taken that stupid moustache off so that’s a good sign that he’s preparing well,” Foster said drily.

“I got a bit of a hard time for that (moustache), I can’t win in this team,” Goodhue said.

On more serious matters, Goodhue said tomorrow’s quarter-final was the biggest game of his career.

“I’ve been fortunate in my career to have a lot of big games, to start playing for the All Blacks in 2017 and then some Super Rugby games as well but this would have to be the biggest one.”