Watch: Fed-up rugby ref sin bins all six front-rowers in Georgian top division game after ongoing scrum issues

A referee from Georgia's top rugby division appears to have found a solution to multiple scrum resets, going to the drastic length of sin-binning all six front-rowers in one clean swoop to end the issue.

During a Didi 10 match between Locomotive Tbilisi and RC Jiki Gori on Saturday, the official grew fed-up with the shambles at the set piece early in the second half and opted to hand yellow cards to the props and hookers from both sides so they could have a breather and figure out how to scrummage again.

The two front rows were filmed discussing the issue on the sidelines before they returned to the match.

Locomotive Tbilisi went on the win the match 19-16 thanks to a penalty goal on full time by Georgian fullback Beka Tsiklauri.

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