Watch: Ben Smith cracks up after reporter tells him he's old enough to be Jordie Barrett and Rieko Ioane's dad

He may be nearly old enough to be their dad, but Ben Smith is just enjoying playing in the All Blacks' back three alongside young stars Rieko Ioane and Jordie Barrett - and he's adamant he's keeping up with them.

Smith, 32, was told by a reporter he was old enough to be a fatherly figure towards Ioane and Barrett, who are both 21.

He admitted it wasn't something he ever thought about.

"I suppose I'm early thirties, so I know I’m getting on a wee bit, but as far as my body goes I’m feeling bloody good and yeah still trying to chase around those young fellas," he said.

Smith was shifted from his usual role at fullback to the wing for the All Blacks' first Test against France with Barrett taking the No.15 jersey - a shift he said he didn't mind.

"To me it doesn’t really worry me if I’m playing on the wing or at fullback.

"I think the way the game's being played now, there's certain times in the game where you end up in a few of those positions anyway.

"So I enjoyed getting out there on the wing, and working alongside Jordie and Rieko to try and do our bit for the team back there was enjoyable."

Smith says despite the age gap, he still keeps up with the "young fellas". Source: 1 NEWS