'There's an empty spot in our trophy cabinet' – what a Bledisloe Cup win will mean for the Wallabies

A Wallabies victory at Eden Park to win back the Bledisloe Cup could be the boost that rugby in Australia needs to re-establish itself among the most popular sporting codes, says ARU boss Raelene Castle.

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ARU boss Raelene Castle explained the importance of an All Blacks loss to the Australian rugby community. Source: 1 NEWS

After last weekend's 47-26 victory in Perth, the Wallabies will face the All Blacks at Eden Park tomorrow night, a win seeing the Bledisloe Cup change hands for the first time since 2002.

With rugby considered Australia's 26th most popular sport as of 2016, poor results at both Super Rugby and Test level have done the game no favours, fans appearing to lose interest in the 15-man code.

Taking over as Australian Rugby chief executive at the end of 2017, Castle has been charged with seeing the game restored to its former glory, with tomorrow night's clash arguably the best chance the Wallabies have had under her tenure.

Speaking to 1 NEWS today, the New Zealander explained what an Australian victory on Eden Park for the first time since 1986 will mean.

"[A win would be] enormously significant, definitely for every rugby fan," Castle said.

"There's an empty spot in our trophy cabinet, it hasn't had it for a long time. It's waiting for that cup to be there.

"For the Wallabies that've worn the jersey before and have won the Bledisloe Cup it's important, but it's also important for the competition.

"What's great about rivalry is that there is rivalry and uncertainty of outcome. Having a 17-year streak is not great for anyone.

"I know that All Blacks fans would be hugely disappointed if the Wallabies won, Wallaby fans are going to be ecstatic. But what it will create next year in a competition for Bledisloe Cup will be amazing.

"It is an important part in the future of the Bledisloe Cup that the Wallabies win."

The All Blacks and Wallabies face off at Eden Park tomorrow night, with New Zealand unbeaten at the Auckland fortress since 1994.