Steve Hansen warns media not to 'bother' him about All Blacks analysis in the future now time with team is over

Departing All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has never given much away to media when it came to his team and now that his time has ended with the squad, he's warned media that won't change.

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The departing coach said he won't comment on what they "should be doing" and anyone who tries will get an unpleasant conversation. Source: 1 NEWS

Hansen has 15 years of experience with the All Blacks as an assistant and head coach before it wrapped up with last night's 40-17 win over Wales in the Rugby World Cup bronze medal final - a tonne of knowledge and insight that could be used in the future to analyse the team's future Tests.

But Hansen warned media not to try and draw any of that out of him even though he's finished with the team.

"One thing I'll promise - you guys need to hear this so you don't come bothering - is I won't be talking about what they should be doing or how they should be doing it," Hansen said.

"If you ring me and ask me that, it won't be a very good conversation."

Hansen said he's looking forward to spending time with his wife Tash who he credited as a "way better leader, wiser, better looking and smarter".

But the departing coach is also keen just for a little bit of down time.

"It'll be pretty good I reckon - beer in one hand and access to another one in the other one. No pressure."