Steve Hansen gets RWC media giggling with cheeky one-liner analysing win over Boks - 'We're one-from-one'

After silencing critics and sending a message to every other team at the Rugby World Cup, reporters hoped Steve Hansen would have something to say about the All Blacks' win over the Springboks.

He did - it just wasn't much initially.

"We're one-from-one... pretty good," the All Blacks coach said.

Reporters at last night's post-match press conference waited to see if Hansen would add to his description of the 23-13 match but once they realised that was his take on the Test, giggles began to echo around the room.

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The pair combined for a crucial try in the All Blacks' 23-13 win. Source: Spark Sport RWC

The reporter who had initially asked for Hansen's thoughts wanted more though, specifically asking the coach to "expand on it a bit".

Hansen's reply was just as simple as his first answer.

"What do you want me to expand on? You ask me what you want me to expand on and I'll answer it."

The reporter followed up by asking if Hansen was happy with the performance and where his team is at after their first game at the tournament to which the coach finally opted to expand his answer.

"We won didn't we so you've got to be happy with that," Hansen said.

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George Bridge capped off a sensational bit of play against the Springboks in Yokohama. Source: Spark Sport RWC

"Were we perfect? No. But you're never going to be at this stage of the tournament and that was the interesting part about this game for both teams that they arrive here and you're not in the swing of the tournament - right from the get-go you've got the biggest game possibly of the group.

"But still, there's plenty of stuff we can work on."

The All Blacks now have 10 days to recover from their bruising encounter before they take on Canada in Oita on Wednesday 2 October.

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The All Blacks coach expanded on his answer after the reporter honed his question a bit more. Source: 1 NEWS