Sir Colin Meads to have home-town funeral in Te Kuiti - Mayor




The funeral for Sir Colin Meads will be held on Monday the 28th at Te Kuiti's Les Munro centre, says Te Kuiti Mayor Brian Hanna.

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The All Blacks great passed away aged 81 yesterday after a battle with cancer.

Speaking this morning with TVNZ 1's Breakfast, Mr Hanna said they would "give him the send-off he’s due".
Source: Breakfast
Sir Colin passed away yesterday, at age 81.
Source: Breakfast

Mr Hanna, speaking this morning with TVNZ 1's Breakfast programme, said "we'll be working with various parties including the rugby union to make sure we cater for all the needs of the family, and to give him the send off he's due".

"So that will be the final farewell - and we imagine it will be quite a big affair," Mr Hanna said.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Bill English says further discussion could be had with the family of Sir Colin regarding the assistance government could provide for his funeral service.

Mr English told Breakfast it was primarily up to Sir Colin's family as to how his funeral is held, but "there may be further discussions" if the family preferred a state funeral.

"He's their Colin, even if New Zealand thinks they own him," Mr English said.

The former All Black died after a battle with cancer, he was 81-years-old.
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He said state funerals are usually reserved for heads of state, but that there are various other ways the government can support the funeral.

Mr English remembered Sir Colin as a man who was very generous with giving his time to the community.

Rugby writer Phil Gifford theorises if Sir Colin's play-style could fit into the current All Black.
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