Scott Barrett prepared for semi-final 'kicking contest' tiebreaker

Should the All Blacks-England Rugby World Cup semi-final require a tiebreaker, lock Scott Barrett is prepared to show off his skills with the boot.

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With a football style penalty shootout on the cards, Barrett is ready to take a kick. Source: 1 NEWS

Under current World Rugby laws, tied matches have three steps to determine a winner if and when scores finish level between two teams in a knockout match.

The standard 20 minutes of extra time is the first method, should scores still be level after that, then another 20 minutes will be added, being sudden death with the first team to score a point.

However, should scores remain level after the first two tie breakers, then teams will engage in a "kicking contest", similar to a football penalty shootout.

While the goalkicking duo of Beauden and Jordie Barrett would likely find themselves as options for a kicking contest, brother Scott is also backing himself to step forward if required.

"Depending on injuries," Barrett clarified.

"There'd be a few backs that back themselves.

"[We'd] probably have to be pretty short, out of the forwards I'd back myself, yeah."

The All Blacks could indeed be involved in a kicking contest when they face England in the Rugby World Cup semi-final on Saturday in Yokohama.