Richie McCaw urges NZR to take blinkers off and consider Silver Lake alternative

All Blacks legend Richie McCaw has weighed in on the debate over New Zealand Rugby's Silver Lake investment deal, urging the organisation to consider all the options on the table.

Richie McCaw and now-wife Gemma with the Webb Ellis Trophy as they celebrate winning during the Rugby World Cup Final in 2015. Source: Photosport

It comes a day after the New Zealand Rugby Players Association released a counter investment proposal to Silver Lake, much to the shock of NZR.

NZ Rugby receive Silver Lake counter-offer from Kiwi investment firm Forsyth Barr

Speaking to NZME, McCaw said he was left uncertain by NZR's "take it or leave it" approach to the Silver Lake deal, and said NZR should not be afraid to consider alternatives.

“Being told [by NZ Rugby] that's the only option and we take it or leave it, does make you wonder. I can see how a whole lot of money coming in would make people feel pretty excited about it.

"But when you talk with people about private equity, the feedback I get is to be very careful, that you have to understand the motivation, which is to make money off it. Straight away that scares me.

"The current players will not be driven by how much money is going to come to them, but about what's best for New Zealand rugby," he told NZME.

Yesterday, NZR slammed the players association for trying to "destroy" the $387.5 million Silver Lake deal designed to pump funds into the financially-struggling sporting body.

NZ Rugby hits back at players association for trying to 'destroy' Silver Lake deal

New Zealand's 26 provincial unions unanimously approved of the deal at NZR's annual general meeting in Wellington two weeks ago.

While NZR have remained adamant Silver Lake is the only viable option, McCaw believed it would be a mistake not to even consider the alternative Forsyth Barr proposal.

“We've got to have a look at it and debate it,” McCaw said of the alternative proposal.

“Don't be afraid of it. It's not saying one's definitely better than the other, but the thing I really want to see is to look at these options, and don't just dismiss it because it wasn't yours.

“The big thing I hope is that this new proposal on the table actually gets discussed, and not just dismissed. For me, it's another option that I didn't think was possible, but it looks like it could be.”