Relentless Māori All Blacks crush USA Eagles in Chicago

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of today's match between the Māori All Blacks and the USA Eagles at Soldier Field Stadium in Chicago.


The Māori All Blacks try and look for another five-pointer before the final whistle but they fumble the ball. A solid game by the New Zealand team - USA did well to score two tries in the second spell but they just couldn't handle the class of the Māori.

77 mins: MAB 59 USA 22

TRY! Josh Ioane continues to make an impact off the bench, he makes a darting run and fools defenders with a dummy before offloading the ball to Shaun Stevenson. The Māori fullback runs it in for another try for the New Zealand side.

Josh Ioane is perfect with the boot with another successful kick from out wide.

Rob Thompson in action for the Maori All Blacks in a match against Canada in Vancouver. Source: Photosport

73 mins: MAB 52 USA 22

TRY! Josh Ioane chips the ball over the USA defenders around halfway and Akira Ioane regathers the ball, he has several support runners around him and he opts to give the ball to Jonah Lowe who scores on his debut.

Replacement first-five Josh Ioane lands his kick from easy range.

70 mins: MAB 45 USA 22

TRY! Ryan Matyas almost gets dragged over the sideline but he offloads the ball to Ruben de Haas who then passes the ball to a charging Cam Dolan who crosses over to score down the left edge. The crowd roars as they team scores their third try of the match.

Will Hooley is on target with his kick from out wide.

62 mins: MAB 45 USA 15

YELLOW CARD! Robbie Abel is the third Māori player to be sent to the bin. He is given his marching orders after being ruled to have intentionally slowed down the play, denying the US quick ball.

59 mins: MAB 45 USA 15

TRY! Tim Maupin is in for USA's second try of the match! The Eagles put together some good phases and shift it quick to the right side. The New Zealand side are caught short down their left edge and Maupin goes over to score.

Will Hooley lands his conversion attempt.

55 mins: MAB 45 USA 8

TRY! USA looked to be in a great attacking position but a loose wide pass is intercepted by Māori centre Rob Thompson and he runs away untouched and scores under the goal posts.

A straight forward kick from Otere Black who has no problems from in front.

46 mins: MAB 38 USA 8

TRY! Isaia Walker-Leawere is in for his second try of the match! The Māori forwards go to work with several pick and go runs and it is Walker-Leawere who stretches out to ground the ball under the posts.

Otere Black makes no mistakes with his shot at goal.

40 mins: MAB 31 USA 8

TRY! Jonah Lowe makes a break down the right side and creates some space for lock Isaia Walker-Leawere by cutting back into the field of play, Isaia runs away and the USA defenders can't keep up, he scores superb try off the kick-off. Isaia showed some incredible pace to beat the USA defenders.

The conversion from out wide is no good from Otere Black.

40 mins: MAB 26 USA 8

And we are back underway! With USA opting with a long kick off to the Māori.


40 mins: MAB 26 USA 8

TRY! USA are in! The USA Eagles look like they lost control of the scrum from 10m out of the try-line. But the US number eight Cam Dolan scoops the ball up and passes it to winger Ryan Matyas who goes over to score down the left side.

The conversion is off target from out wide by USA's Will Hooley.

37 mins: MAB 26 USA 3

YELLOW CARD! Pari Pari Parkinson has body slammed US halfback Shaun Davies and the Tasman lock has been sent to the bin. There are now two Māori players in the bin.

31 mins: MAB 26 USA 3

YELLOW CARD! The Māori skipper Ash Dixon is sent to the bin after the referee ruled he was responsible for collapsing an attacking maul by the US Eagles.

24 mins: MAB 26 USA 3

TRY! Ben May is in! Scoring down the right side for the Māori. It began with an excellent set-piece move from the Māori at line-out time with Regan Ware making a charging run down the left flank. The Māori again shift the ball quickly wide, Ash Dixon looks like he could have gone all the way to the try-line but he offloads the ball to his front-row partner May.

Otere Black is on target with his conversion attempt out wide.

21 mins: MAB 19 USA 3

TRY! The Māori All Blacks make the US Eagles pay after they give away a penalty for a dangerous tackle. It is a well worked line-out from the Māori and they drive their way over the try-line. The skipper Ash Dixon is the man that comes up with the ball.

Otere Black nails his shot at goal.

16 mins: MAB 12 USA 3

TRY! Mitch Karpik dots down the right side after a relentless attacking period from Māori. After several phases down the left side the visitors spread the ball wide into space, Karpik beats the US defender down the right edge and scores the Māori second try.

The kick from Otere Black hits the uprights and is unssucessful.

13 mins: MAB 7 USA 3

THREE! The Eagles are on the score-board after a successful penalty kick from Will Hooley.

10 mins: MAB 7 USA 0

Some poor discipline costs the NZ Māori side, with Ben May penalised for collapsing the scrum. The US have got three back-to-back penalties and now the home team will take a shot at goal from in front of the posts.

4 mins: MAB 7 USA 0

TRY! Regan Ware scores the first try of the match down the left flank! Rob Thompson starts the play with a clever run down the left side before offloading the ball to Brad Weber. The halfback recognises the space down the blindside and he gives the ball to Ware who strolls over to score.

The conversion is successful from out wide by Otere Black.

2 mins: MAB 0 USA 0

KNOCK-ON! Akira Ioane goes on a barnstorming run after a line-out set piece move. He runs about 30m before offloading the ball to Mitch Karpik, but he fumbles the ball just inside the Eagles' 22.


KICK-OFF! And we are underway! With Otere Black kicking off deep to the USA side.

12pm: The Maori All Blacks perform another spectacular rendition of the Timatanga haka, with the USA Eagles accepting the challenge and advancing to halfway. 


The two sides have played each other four times in the past with the New Zealand Maori winning every match by big margines.

Eight players will make their debut for the Maori today with Isaia Walker-Leawere, Pari Pari Parkinson, Mitch Karpik, Regan Ware, Jonah Lowe named to start and Robbie Abel, Hoani Matenga and Billy Harmon named on the bench.

The last time the two teams faced off the All Blacks Maori won 54-7 in 2016 at Toyota Park in Chicago.

Maori All Blacks: 1.Chris Eves, 2.Ash Dixon (c), 3.Ben May, 4.Isaia Walker-Leawere, 5.Pari Pari Parkinson, 6.Reed Prinsep, 7.Mitch Karpik, 8.Akira Ioane, 9.Brad Weber, 10.Otere Black, 11.Regan Ware, 12.Teihorangi Walden, 13.Rob Thompson, 14.Jonah Lowe, 15.Shaun Stevenson.

Reserves: 16.Robbie Abel, 17.Ross Wright, 18.Marcel Renata, 19.Hoani Matenga, 20.Billy Harmon, 21.Jonathan Ruru, 22.Josh Ioane, 23.Matty Lansdown.

USA: 1.Chance Wenglewski, 2.Dylan Fawsitt, 3.Paul Mullen, 4.Ben Landry, 5.Nick Civetta, 6.John Quill, 7.Tony Lamborn, 8.Cam Dolan, 9.Shaun Davies, 10.Will Hooley, 11.Ryan Matyas, 12.Gannon Moore, 14.Tim Maupin, 15.Luke Hume.

Reserves: 16.James Hilterbrand, 17.Anthony Purpura, 18.Dino Waldren, 19.Greg Peterson, 20.Hanco Germishuys, 21.Psalm Wooching, 22.Ruben de Haas, 23.Will Magie.

16 mins: MAB 12 USA 3
31 mins: MAB 26 USA 3