Recent Mitre 10 Cup 'niggle' a grim reminder for Julian Savea - 'I'm not 21 anymore'

Julian Savea was gearing up to face Auckland last weekend in the Mitre 10 Cup but instead he ended up being reminded about another opponent he simply can't beat - Father Time.

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The former All Black was a late withdrawal from last week's game but he's confident he'll bounce back. Source: 1 NEWS

Savea was a late withdrawal from Wellington's 39-21 win after being named to start on the left wing.

The 30-year-old said the cause for his late scratch was a "little niggle that popped up before the game".

"Didn't want to risk it but awesome performance by the boys, nonetheless," he said without giving further details on the injury away.

Savea has been named to start this weekend against the Bay of Plenty but said he'll be tested before that is locked in.

"I'm confident in our medical team to get me right... it's the first time [I've had the injury]."

The former All Black added perhaps it was just time catching up to him after a long rugby career.

"Maybe it's just I'm old now," he said.

"I can't just rock up to training and not warm up anymore. I'm not 21 anymore."