Raelene Castle had failed meeting with Israel Folau in November over social media contract clause

Raelene Castle could suffer from the fallout of the Israel Folau saga as well after her attempts to amend the fullback's contract last year to include a social media clause have surfaced as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Rugby Australia chief executive met with Folau last November in a last-ditch attempt to add the clause to his current deal.

The clause required the 30-year-old to not use social media, such as Instagram or Twitter, to bring the reputation of the organisation or the game into dispute.

Castle spoke with Folau in London as the Wallabies prepared for their final tour Test against England, intent on making him sign the additional section that was meant to be included in the original contract he had agreed to the month prior.

But Castle backed down, with the Sydney Morning Herald stating she believed in the "handshake agreement" the two had along with the protections RA had under the code of conduct.

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Rugby Australia found the Wallabies star did breach his contract and Folau says he was tempted to back down during the saga. Source: Breakfast

If the clause had been added, RA would have had the grounds to terminate Folau's contract immediately when he put up his controversial "Hell awaits" post to Instagram last month.

Except there was a secondary issue in Castle and Rugby Australia's actions that wasn't addressed meaning even if Folau did agree to the added clause, it would have been nullified.

Rugby Australia made zero contact with the Rugby Union Players' Association when they attempted to amend Folau's contract - a move that breaches the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the two parties.

Therefore, had Folau signed the new deal it would've led Rugby Australia to being in a vulnerable position regardless.

After being found guilty of a "high breach" of the code of conduct earlier this month by an independent panel, Folau is awaiting a final punishment to be handed down for his actions with many tipping it to be a contract termination.

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Stevenson said the defence Folau was simply quoting the Bible doesn't work in today's society. Source: Breakfast

If that proves to be the case, it's understood Folau will almost certainly appeal the decision and force the need for a second independent review with the hopes of brokering a settlement for a portion of his $4 million contract.

Israel Folau and Raelene Castle.
Israel Folau and Raelene Castle. Source: Getty

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