Pumas coach unapologetic over post-match tears in historic All Blacks win

Pumas head coach Mario Ledesma is unapologetic for the raw emotion shown by himself and his players after Saturday night's historic first win over the All Blacks.

Ledesma says the road to the Tri-Nations series was a tough one due to the Covid-19 pandemic and he and his players couldn't help but shed tears of joy after the 25-15 victory over the All Blacks.

The sporting world has seen plenty of emotion over the weekend with tears flowing from professional athletes across several sporting codes.

Masters winner Dustin Johnson and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton both joined the Pumas in unabashedly displaying their emotions after their respective victories over the weekend, sparking debate as to whether sports stars should wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Ledesma made his stance clear on the issue.

"The emotions are sometimes difficult to control, especially with all the things that we've been through and stuff. I'm sorry if he was in any way, I don't know, angry about it, but I think that, again, emotions are a good thing - he should try it." he said.