Players association calls for calm after heated spat with NZ Rugby comes to a head

The New Zealand Rugby Players Association says people have to "take a breath" and remain calm over a situation that has become chaotic, after the association today released details of a new investment proposal to rival the Silver Lake deal, much to the shock of New Zealand Rugby.

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The NZ Rugby Players Association wants NZ Rugby to weigh up all the options before proceeding with the Silver Lake deal. Source: 1 NEWS

The NZRPA shared Forsyth Barr's counter proposal with media earlier today, which suggested the sale of a five per cent stake in NZR's revenue generating assets through an NZX-listed entity to the New Zealand public and institutions.

Forsyth Barr and the NZRPA believed the valuation of NZR's commercial rights is between $3.4 and $3.8 billion, 12-23 per cent higher than the Silver Lake valuation of $3.1 billion.

They also believed NZR would be able to retain more profits going forward under the proposed alternative.

However, NZR saw the move as an attempt to "destroy" the Silver Lake deal and a "fundamental breach of trust" between the two organisations.

NZRPA CEO Rob Nichol told 1 NEWS this afternoon his party was not trying to create a divide.

"We don't see this as a them and us thing.

"Let's compare, let's discuss, maturely, let's discuss those options and see where things end up."

Players association president David Kirk is also the chairman of Forsyth Barr, his connection raising eyebrows, but Nichol said there was not a conflict of interest as Kirk had stepped out of the process.

Nichol remained adamant the Silver Lake deal was still an option, but wanted there to be more discussion around the deal and possible alternatives.

"We want a thorough process where genuine options are put on the table, they're intensively discussed and debated and then ultimately we all get to this is the way forward and we all commit to it and we move forward together."