Opposition parties pushing for law change to allow bars to serve alcohol while all Rugby World Cup games are on

Opposition parties want to try and change the law to allow clubs and pubs to stay open and serve alcohol during all Rugby World Cup games.

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There are growing concerns that smaller establishments may have to close before some of the games finish. Source: 1 NEWS

ACT leader David Seymour says he’ll introduce a Private Members Bill to Parliament tomorrow, seeking an amendment to the 2012 Sale and Supply of Liquor Act.

It’s effectively the same amendment which passed in 2015, allowing bars to open for Rugby World Cup games outside of usual licencing hours.

The timing of this year’s Rugby World Cup games in Japan is a lot friendlier than the last tournament, but nearly a dozen start after 11pm NZT.

Clubs NZ says around 180 members would need a special licence to stay open and serve drinks.

Hospitality NZ estimates up to 60 per cent of its 3000 members could be affected.

Larry Graham of Clubs NZ says it’s "potentially a massive issue," especially for rural communities.

"Many of our rural clubs are only open until 11pm if they’re lucky… so they will have to get a special licence."

He says the process for applying for a special licence can be costly, complicated, and is inconsistent around the country.

"It’s a hell of a challenge for our clubs, that’s for sure".

National’s sport spokeswoman Nikki Kaye says the party would back the bill.

"We have serious issues about people having access to be able to watch the game in their homes, so the ability to ensure pubs and clubs and places people can do, at a community level, is real."

Mr Seymour would need the backing of the entire house to seek leave and push his bill through.

It’s unclear whether the Government would support the bill, with Sports Minister Grant Robertson saying the Government is "looking at the issue".