Opinion: Sorry Ireland, the party's over, All Blacks to run riot

When Steve Hansen said after Chicago he hopes Ireland thoroughly enjoy their victory, he was issuing a Steve-ism.

Doubling as being instinctively humble in defeat, what he meant was, make the most of it, chaps.

The 40-29 loss will rankle Hansen and his team the most, perhaps closely followed by the belting at the hands of England in 2012. Remember, he's only lost four times.

The man has set records left, right and centre and he wouldn't have hopped into bed that night with warmth in his heart and a hot water bottle thinking, 'well done Ireland, couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of blokes'.

After the good natured plaudits from almost every Kiwi and his dog, what was the real damage in the post mortem?

The All Blacks' aura of invincibility took a good clean kidney shot in Chicago. Behind the niceties and public displays of admiration for the victors, the team then gave themselves an uppercut.

They were awful for an hour against Ireland, the green machine was collectively fantastic. The stars aligned.

The forward pack minus binding agents Whitelock and Retallick were ineffective and woeful at the breakdown and the shovelled ball to the flanks was fodder for a dedicated Irish hit squad.

The lineout was a mess, they missed more tackles than acceptable and lost the penalty count 12-4.

The All Blacks coach was pretty clear who the chief culprit was for the All Blacks' blundering first half lineout. Source: 1 NEWS

The leadership group was exposed during the first 40 minutes when they couldn't arrest the situation. The focus and attitude was awry from the kick-off.

When was the last time Jerome Kaino was twice held up with the ball? When was he once?

Ireland, in one word, were 'worthy' winners but are they now on par with the AB's? No.

It is true they have improved significantly since Declan Kidney's reign and this pop-up rivalry started when they forced Dan Carter into a winning last minute drop goal.

However, a week earlier they lost 42-10 but more poignantly, they lost 60-0 the week after. On their day….

Ryan Crotty's famous last minute try plus Cruden's take two conversion in 2013 was another Houdini act on the back of an average first half and Irish onslaught.

Ireland have credibility and if the All Blacks didn't honestly believe that before, they do now.

The newest All Black saw off competition from Ryan Crotty and Liam Squire as the boys got involved in the traditional Irish game. Source: 1 NEWS

The All Blacks could be guilty of not truly respecting Ireland – 110 years of beating them will create a superiority/inferiority complex.

Ask yourself, if the All Blacks were playing Scotland tomorrow, would they lose? It's inconceivable to the gut feel because of the history.

Ireland have now proved (to themselves) they can beat the All Blacks on their day but what happens now is almost science.

Hansen's All Blacks and those teams before his rebound hard and ruthlessly. Behind their friendly demeanours and PR perfection they are hell bent on winning every game and that uppercut Hansen talks about works a treat.

Having lost out on the award last year, the world cup winning coach thanked those who make his job possible. Source: Supplied