NZR boss slams reports suggesting investors want more All Blacks games as 'frankly ridiculous'

New Zealand Rugby CEO Mark Robinson has labelled reports investors looking to buy shares into the governing body want the All Blacks to play more games each year as "ridiculous".

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Mark Robinson said the focus will be on getting more out of their existing content - not adding to workloads. Source: 1 NEWS

Robinson didn't hesitate to quash the rumours when it came up at a press conference this afternoon after the NZR received unanimous support from the provincial unions to proceed with the proposed Silver Lake deal.

"We've never said there will be more games for the All Blacks and that's something we've been clear with but I've heard the speculation in the media," Robinson said.

"Private equity investors, from what we're hearing, coming into the game, be it CBC or Silver Lake, do not want to have more and more rugby. That's simply a fallacy to suggest that's what their focus is on and we've never supported that thesis either."

Robinson said the suggestion goes against their focus on player welfare regardless.

"To suggest it's going to be more and more rugby and a travelling circus is just, frankly, ridiculous."

Robinson added the focus instead is on using what is already present in better ways.

"[It's about] how do we create more premium content, stronger narratives around competitions which drive more revenue with the same or potentially less rugby," he said.

"That's where we'd like to get to with the game."