NZR boss says no name change coming for Crusaders in 2020 - but plans in place to address issue in the future

New Zealand Rugby chairman Brent Impey has confirmed this morning the Crusaders won't change their name for next season, giving apparel sponsor Adidas as one of the key reasons.

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Whena Owen discovers what the medieval religious wars were really all about. Source: Q+A

A name change for the Canterbury Super Rugby franchise has been discussed since the Christchurch terror attack in March, but Impey told Radio Sport today a potential change won't be seen in 2020.

"The reality is that Adidas have got to make jerseys, there's merchandising and that sort of stuff," Impey told Radio Sport. "You can't just change the name of a professional team when there are existing contracts.

"So definitely not. There's no intention and never has been any intention that the Crusaders name would change in 2020."

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The 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll was conducted as the rugby franchise considers a change in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attacks. Source: 1 NEWS

Impey added there have been steps taken to address the issue though with a longer time frame.

"The process regarding the Crusaders name is setup, there's a sub-committee of the New Zealand board working with the Crusaders board, to see which of the two options will be chosen - either a rebranded Crusaders name or a new name. There's a process underway to do that, we don't need to rush it.

"But they will be the Crusaders in 2020."

The Crusaders' name and brand has been a hot topic since the March attack with critics saying it's in poor taste being a reference to the Christian armies who fought and killed Muslims early in the last millennium.