NZ sevens star has media in stitches after falling off stage

The All Blacks Sevens had a light-hearted moment with media in Tokyo this afternoon after co-captain Tim Mikkelson had a misstep on the interview platform.

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Thankfully, there was no breaking news to report after Tim Mikkelson's little mishap. Source: 1 NEWS

Mikkelson and other members of the team arrived for interviews ahead of their competition this weekend and headed straight for the stage to take their seats.

However as Mikkelson looked to make his way to his spot he lost his footing and tumbled behind teammate Scott Curry.

After a couple of people nearby asked "are you alright?", Mikkelson dusted himself off and took a seat without much fuss, although 1 NEWS Sport reporter Kimberlee Downs used her first question in the conference just to make sure.

Mikkelson's time in Tokyo got off to a dodgy start. Source: 1 NEWS

"Tim, are you okay?" She asked with a giggle.

"Yeah, I'm pretty good," Mikkelson replied to the amusement of those present.

Downs checked there was "no injury update" to report from Mikkelson, which he shook off before the interviews went back to the campaign at hand.