NZ Rugby boss denies holding Super Rugby derbies flies in the face of health advice in midst of coronavirus

NZ Rugby boss Mark Robinson denies the holding of Kiwi Super Rugby derbies flies in the face of health advice in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Robinson said the closed environments of Super teams meant it was possible to play Super Rugby games once the Highlanders completed their 14 days of isolation.

Super Rugby was different to club rugby, which was postponed indefinitely yesterday.

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“The Medical advice we’re having is that the Super teams are in very closed environments,” he said.

“They’re getting tested and monitored every day and any changes to those conditions will be notified to medical staff working closely with them.”

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Mark Robinson said the controlled environments of Super Rugby teams means it could be possible for NZ sides to face each other. Source: 1 NEWS

“It’s very different to a community game where we have no ability to do that.”

“Our ability to control that environment simply doesn’t exist, in terms of looking after people that’s why we’ve made what we think is a prudent call and that’s why the differentiation.”

Robinson admitted things could change quickly but limited crowds for games should they go ahead gave him confidence that they could pull it off.

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“We’re taking medical advice on this, we acknowledge it’s moving day-by-day,” Robinson said.

“At this stage with all the information we have in front of us, we’re working on the basis that we think it can be done and should be done.”

“We know that they’ll be played in front of very, very small audiences live, that’s another reason we can have confidence that we can run these games, there will less than 500 people at grounds.”

“Player welfare and safety of people is absolutely number one, we’ve been very consistent right throughout working through these issues.