Nigel Owens forced to improvise after forgetting red and yellow cards

Rugby referee Nigel Owens is well-known for his cheeky comments and banter with players during matches but he was the one left a little red-faced following his latest match in charge.

Owens, who retired from Test rugby last month, was officiating a Pro14 match between Scarlets and the Dragons on Saturday when he was forced to break up a scrap early in the second half.

The jersey-grabbing was a result of a tackle by Dragons’ Matthew Screech who had taken out a player without the ball.

After settling things down, Owens spoke to the captains about the situation before issuing his final verdict and reaching for his pocket to dish out his punishment, only to realise a small problem.

“I haven’t got my cards,” Owens said.

The commentators instantly roared with laughter at the situation but Owens remained calm in the situation and instead opted to dismiss Screech with a wag of his finger.

Scarlets went on to win the match convincingly 20-3 in a match Owens likely won’t forget.