New rules added to Super Rugby Aotearoa comp

New Zealand Rugby has added two new laws to Super Rugby Aotearoa ahead of the 2021 season.

George Bridge runs at Anton Lienert-Brown Source: Photosport

As revealed by 1 NEWS in early December, captain referrals and goal-line drop outs can now be used in the competition, which starts on February 26th.

A captain’s referral will see each skipper have one opportunity per match to have the television match official (TMO) review an infringement in the lead up to a try, or to review foul play.

Captains will have 10 seconds to make their referral after a try has been awarded.

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Super Rugby Aotearoa eyeing goal line drop-outs and captain's call, 1 NEWS understands

A goal line drop-out will restart play when an attacking player is held up in the in-goal, or knocks the ball on, in the in-goal area.

Play will also restart when a kick during open play is grounded by the defending team in their in-goal area.

The additions have been approved by World Rugby and have been introduced after feedback from players, coaches and referees.

It follows the introduction of golden point and red card laws in 2020, both of which will continue in 2021.