Nelson locals buzz with rugby fever as All Blacks play first ever Test at Trafalgar Park

Nelson's main street was packed with proud locals and thousands of visitors yesterday all preparing for the city's first ever All Blacks Test.

The Argentinian owners of Penguino Ice Cream café opened early in anticipation of the big day, but they weren't expecting their first customer so early - serving their first scoop of lemon at 8.30am.

“Yeah really early, I was like, 'oh really?'" Coki Verri said.

There was also a taste of home on the menu for Pumas fans.

“We have Dulce de leche (a type of caramel) which is very typical flavour in Argentina. I got my recipe from my dad."

There were at least 10,000 visitors in Nelson for last night's contest, including Puma supporters, which helped create a buzz around the city, Nelson mayor Rachel Reese said.

"I think what we can say is that money can't buy this sort of exposure!"

Nelson City Council invested up to $400,000 to make it happen. Ms Reese said it was worth every penny.

"The bid was a collaboration between Nelson business people, the Tasman Rugby Union and Nelson City Council and many, many other players.

Almost 150 years ago the first game of rugby was played in Nelson, and now, it’s getting a historic first All Blacks match. Source: 1 NEWS

"This is a great place for international teams. We've hosted the Rugby World Cup and Cricket World Cup. We've hosted the Black Caps, the Silver Ferns so I think this is going to be the start of a great relationship with the All Blacks,” she said.

Saturday's game brought plenty of confidence from fans on both sides.

"42-0!" predicted one Nelson All Blacks supporter.

"The score will be easy score, 31-30 to the Pumas, with a drop goal from Nico Sánchez at the last second!" challenged Nelson-based Argentinian Fermin Padilla.

"We know that we're a minority, it doesn't really matter, we're gonna make a lot of noise!"

In the end, the All Blacks came away on top with a 46-24 win in front of a sold out Trafalgar Park crowd.

However, the real winners appear to be the locals still buzzing over the historic weekend.

The city's main street was packed with proud locals and thousands of visitors yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS